Case Study

AllClear Travel partners with Adthena to guide its post-COVID strategy

During COVID-19, AllClear Travel faced an extraordinary challenge: How do they plan their search budgets while travel is at a standstill?

To protect the business, AllClear had already reduced paid search budgets to a minimum. Yet, it was essential to have the right tools to understand when the market would return, who they would compete against and whether they were ideally positioned to gain market share.

Key Results

  • Result
    Integration of Adthena's insights across AllClear’s Digital, Insights and Commercial teams
  • Result
    CEO briefed on new market movements on a daily basis
  • Result
    Ability to accurately estimate consumer demand to plan market re-entry

The Solution

Faced with uncertainty, AllClear used Adthena’s machine-learned market intelligence as a source of direction. 

Without access to critical data from Auction Insights, AllClear’s C-Suite relied on Adthena to predict when the market would pick up and how they could win back consumers at that key moment. By monitoring market trends, the company could focus on understanding and targeting the new customer segments that would be the first to return.

Adthena’s competitive insights are now shared internally, equipping the entire management group with vital insights about their market and where it is headed.

Trying to plan our paid search strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a roller
coaster - there’s just so much unpredictability. But with Adthena, we can track directional trends as they happen, to make informed decisions. Adthena enables us to closely monitor demand and has been particularly useful to determine when and how we resumed our campaigns. It’s a key tool for our business.

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