Case Study

Delivering Strategic Intelligence and Market Insights for Auto Trader

Auto Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace and attracts around 55m visits each month listing over 450,000 cars every day. The brand adopts a mobile first strategy and over 70% of site visits now arrive via mobile devices.

Auto Trader partner with Adthena for high-level strategic intelligence. They use Adthena to monitor market performance, clarity on emerging trends and to inform future decision making and channel budgets.

Key Results

  • Result
    Identified and tracked specific paid search trends and strategies to help inform Auto Trader of their approach to spend & optimisation ensuring key business KPIs were achieved.
  • Result
    Maintained a leading position in share of clicks across their core ad groups despite continued changing market conditions and competition.

The Challenge

The UK automotive industry is an extremely competitive sector. Click share is fiercely contested by auto manufacturers, dealerships, and increasingly also market disruptors who aggregate dealerships and connect them with consumers looking for the best deal on a new car. Aggressive PPC bidding is common as the different peer sets vie for a larger share of voice.

As the market leader, Auto Trader relies on search intelligence in order to monitor market conditions and behaviours, leveraging these insights in order to adjust bidding strategies and spend in order to achieve its business KPIs.

The Solution

Athena’s Market Trends monitors and tracks the Whole Market, an unrivalled view of the competitive search landscape. This allows Auto Trader to monitor new and existing market conditions based on the impressions and click share data achieved on daily and weekly basis. With Market Trends, Auto Trader are able to segment any view by device (desktop / mobile), channel (paid / organic), or ad-type (text ad / Google Shopping ad) in order to gain a detailed understanding of different ad strategies.

"The intelligence we get from Adthena is invaluable to our planning and strategy. We monitor the overall market and the trends by vertical, giving us the data we need to make informed decisions."


Delivering strategic intelligence for Auto Trader:

Whole Market Trends

With Adthena, Auto Trader were able to identify a key changes in click share across the whole market between Jan-Dec 2017. Adthena’s intelligence data revealed that this was due to a significant increases in ad spend across key particular search terms. Auto Trader were able to use these insights to inform their future ad spend planning and requirements.

Specific Strategies

Auto Trader continue to monitor weekly and monthly market trends across the UK automotive sector. They are able to observe when specific changes occur whether through a campaign push or new strategy and drill down into the specific ads, copy, CTAs and search terms that drive these changes. This gives Auto Trader a detailed picture of the search landscape.

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