Case Study

How one global bank increased revenue within two months

globalbank-white-smallWith many retail banks vying for position in Adwords, a large financial bank came to Adthena to uncover new search terms and analyze their competitive landscape. By introducing new keywords they were able to significantly increase revenue on their financial products.

Key Results

  • Result
    43% increase in revenue
  • Result
    Profitable new keywords
  • Result
    Reduced brand infringements

The challenge

The bank wanted to target new customers searching for mortgages and loans. With lots of competing banks offering similar products, they needed to understand the competitive landscape, identify new keywords and increase customer acquisition. They also needed insight into the promotions offered by their competitors to evaluate their position in the market.

The solution

Adthena’s Whole Market ViewTM gave the bank actionable insight to bid on new traffic-driving keywords. Automated reports enabled them to monitor their competitors’ strategies and identify gaps in the keyword landscape, helping them to react quickly and see instant results.

They were also able to monitor their competitor ad messaging, gaining insight into their promotions and USPs, enabling them to develop a creative copy strategy.

"Adthena has exceeded our expectations in such a short amount of time. We operate in a highly competitive market and it is crucial for us to have insight into the search landscape and discover new opportunities. With Adthena, the learning is continuous and we keep on advancing our strategy based on the insight it brings."

The insight

Outperformed expectations with 43% increase in revenue within two months

Automated reports to make quick gains

Within two months the bank saw a 763% ROI. Adthena’s ‘always-on’ solution was able to deliver automated reports which highlighted quick wins based on ad spend and competition level.

Uncovering profitable new keyword opportunities

Using Adthena’s Whole Market ViewTM the bank identified 600 new search term opportunities which lead to new customer acquisition. Within two months Adthena paid for itself and made a profit.

Competitor monitoring leading creative strategy

With access to their competitor ad copy, the bank were able to monitor competing promotions and USPs and adjust their strategy to attract new customers. Adthena enabled the bank to test new messages and propositions to increase their click through rate.

Continuous development using the Whole Market View

With access to the full competitive landscape the bank are able to adjust their strategy on a weekly and even daily basis. Continued learning and development by Adthena gives them access to new keyword opportunities and the ability to monitor changes in the market.

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