Case Study

Slashing brand infringements and reducing CPC spend

When it comes to spread betting and Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, IG is the world’s number one in a hugely competitive industry. IG’s position makes it a major target in its competitors’ PPC campaigns – and in an industry where the cost per click can exceed £100, IG has to keep brand infringements to an absolute minimum.

To achieve this goal, IG turned to Adthena.

Key Results

  • Result
    Massively reduced CPCs on brand terms
  • Result
    Discovering profitable new keyword opportunities
  • Result
    Identifying evidence of affiliate infringements – making action possible

The challenge

Not only were IG’s competitors targeting its brand terms in CPC campaigns, but IG needed to check for affiliates that were driving up costs via their own PPC campaigns – prior to severing relationships with them. The firm also needed intelligence about competitor activity, including the ad copy they were using and the keywords they were targeting.

The solution

With Adthena, IG was able to monitor competitor activity, stop competitors bidding on its brand terms and compile firm evidence of affiliate infringements. It also assessed rival ad copy and identified profitable new keyword opportunities. By doing so, it was able to significantly bring down the cost of its PPC campaigns and increase conversion rates.

“We work in a very competitive industry. CPCs can be in the hundreds of pounds for some of our clicks, because clients can be that valuable, and it means that every little bit that we can save is very, very important to us. That’s where Adthena comes in.”

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