Case Study

Fuelling JD Williams Entry into the Homewares Market

An online department store, offering style for 45-plus customers and their families, with ranges for women, men, home and kids. The company dates back to 1875 and operates over 20 successful catalogue brands. The company’s continued growth over the years has ensured long-term success for the business, and they currently maintain over 6 million customers and 3,500 employees.

JD Williams were looking to enter the homewares market and needed a competitive intelligence partner to provide data and insights that could inform strategy for capturing share in a new market.

JD William’s campaign was conducted in collaboration with the global media agency CARAT.

Key Results

  • Result
    New market share captured in 3 months
  • Result
    CPNC beat target
  • Result
    Of overall revenue now generated from Homewares

The Challenge

JD Williams were looking to make a strategic entry into Homewares and required data-driven insights to map out the market, and to identify current opportunities in search. They looked to Adthena for a competitive intelligence tool that would allow them to segment a unique portion of the market, that could also analyze ad copy within a market category.

The proposed plan was to use Adthena’s market data to identify the key players in the existing market, as well as trends that could inform JD Williams’ proposed bidding strategy, in order to make the campaign a success.

The Solution

By building an understanding of winning strategies in the space, JD Williams were able to develop a keyword strategy based on identification of Search Term Opportunities. In total, 1200 new keywords were identified, which mobilized click volumes and enabled them to ensure the success of the project. Adthena’s Top Ads data was also used to refine ad copy, improve CTAs, and ensure JD Williams ads were performing competitively in the market.

The results were incredibly successful, with JD Williams capturing 38% of the Homewares market within three months. In addition, the Cost-Per-New-Customer (CPNC) exceeded targets for the project.

"The strategic intelligence we get from Adthena is vital for our decision making. The insights help us to map out new markets, identify search term opportunities, and refine and improve our campaigns and ad copy."

The insight

Adthena’s insights have been invaluable in ensuring that JD Williams’ expansion into Homewares is a continued success.

Competitor marketing intelligence and analysis

Adthena’s Strategic Planning is used to map out the Homewares market for JD Williams, giving the company an unrivaled understanding of the competitive search landscape.

Gap analysis and market opportunities

By identifying gaps and opportunities in the market, JD Williams ensure they are able to get the most value from their campaigns. They are able to understand who, what, and where their competitors are focusing their SEM activity — intelligence which informs their own strategy.

Ad Copy insights

Adthena’s ad copy insights, which draws from years of historic competitive data, provides unrivalled data analysis and insights for advertisers, so they can develop excellent ad copy across their campaigns and make an impact on the competitive landscape.

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