Case Study

Reducing brand CPCs and increasing customer acquisition

Neilson_Financial_Logo_whiteNeilson Financial Services is a global specialist provider of Direct Life Insurance. Neilson provides insurance products directly to consumers through a number of retail brands in both the US and UK markets. Two brands which operate under the Neilson umbrella include Smart Insurance, and British Seniors.

Neilson were looking for a competitive intelligence partner to ensure brand protection, and reduce damaging infringements. They were also looking to lower brand CPCs, to improve CTRs, and to boost overall customer acquisition.

Key Results

  • Result
    Recovered £140,000 per month in lost customer revenues
  • Result
    Cut CPCs by 30% while reducing number of infringers by 93%
  • Result
    Improved CTRs from 30% to 55%, bringing in 80% more customers a month

The challenge

Neilson Financial Services had two challenger brands in the highly competitive UK life insurance market, Smart Insurance and British Seniors. Top level management saw brand infringements as a major strategic imperative for the business, as brand hijacking undermined the reputation they had built, as well as stealing valuable clicks and siphoning off revenue.

The solution

Using Adthena, the leading source of competitive intelligence for search, the brands reduced and stabilised CPCs, and saw a massive boost in their CTRs. Recovering the lost customers by increasing CTR and reducing CPCs meant securing £140,000 in incremental revenue every month.

The insight

Neilson partnered with Adthena for a comprehensive infringement monitoring solution. They were able to use Adthena’s machine learned technology to identify patterns of rival brand-bidding and took steps to remove them from the SERP. This resulted in lower CPCs, reduced brand infringement, and ultimately, increased customer acquisitions and revenues from search.

"Brand protection is fundamental to our business, and Adthena has been instrumental in supporting that. It’s been a massive financial success, driving new business and significantly increasing our core revenue, one that has allowed us to reinvest and expand our capabilities. For a challenger business like ours, every penny counts - we need to be as efficient as possible, and Adthena helps us do that."

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