Case Study

Monitoring pure brand infringements on Bing to ensure search visibility

Netbet-whiteNetBet Sport is an online internet bookmaker specialising in sports betting. The company operate primarily in the UK, but also have operations in Europe, and the site is available in nine languages.

NetBet were looking to use Adthena for competitive intelligence and insights, as a platform to grow market share, and to gain a deeper understanding of their primary UK market as well as the other EU territories they operate in.

Key Results

  • Result
    Identified and stopped an affiliate bidding on, and gaining 100% of pure brand Bing traffic over a 16 day period

The challenge

One of the key challenges for NetBet is to monitor the search marketplace for brand term infringements on both Google and Bing. Brand infringements present an ongoing challenge, and NetBet use Adthena’s infringe- ment reporting features to ensure they aren’t being leeched of valuable search share from competitors or affiliates.

The solution

Using Adthena’s brand infringement monitoring, NetBet gained the competitive intelligence they need to manage infringements quickly and effectively. On one occasion, they discovered an affiliate who had seized a crucial search term on Bing for the ‘netbet’ brand term. What’s more, because the ad was directed to the NetBet domain, NetBet lost both direct traffic on the term as well as their own ad visibility (due to Bing ad restrictions for a single domain).

"With Adthena we get the proprietary data we need to succeed in a hugely competitive vertical. We can monitor brand term infringements, and get the intelligence we need to react quickly and decisively. This gives us the fuel to succeed as we expand into growing markets."

The insight

With Adthena NetBet were able to check an affiliate who had seized a key brand head term on Bing. In an industry where CPAs and affiliate commissions are often very high, brand term infringements are potentially a significant loss of revenue for NetBet.

NetBet continue to use Adthena to gain detailed competitive insights in the search marketplace.

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