Case Study

360 view of market leading to increased share of clicks

OFX provide international money transfers for consumers and businesses at a lower price and in a shorter time than traditional banking services. They operate in a crowded marketplace, dominated by the banks. OFX needed a whole market view to develop a truly competitive Adwords strategy.

OFX turned to Adthena to provide competitive intelligence and actionable insights.

Key Results

  • Result
    20% increase in CTR
  • Result
    Increased speed to market
  • Result
    Reduced time spent on ad creative tests and reviews

The challenge

OFX operate in a highly competitive marketplace with traditional banks being the go to service chosen by their consumer and business customers. One of their major challenges was understanding what terms their competitors were using and to develop better ad copy that improved the performance of their paid search ads.

The solution

Adthena’s Ad Copy analysis tool provided OFX with an automated intelligence report at the click of a button. By analysing their top performing competitors OFX were able to develop high converting ads and increase their market share. The automated process has allowed OFX to create scalable campaigns, freeing up the time of their search marketing team to optimise performance and drive strategy.

“There is yet little awareness of services like ours & to make every impression count, our ad creative needs to be compelling & competitive. Adthena as a tool allows us a 360° view of our respective market.”

INSIGHT: Developing strategy at speed and increasing market share.

Whole market view outpaced competitors

Adthena’s ad analysis tool gave OFX a 1-click solution to identify competitor messaging. By spotting gaps in the landscape they were able to provide unique offers, staying competitive in the marketplace and increase their share of clicks.

Identifying brand bidding to remain competitive

By monitoring brand infringements OFX were able to adapt their strategy to maintain their rank for branded terms. Through a combination of improving the relevancy of their ad copy and minimising competition from affiliates they improved their CTR by 20%.

Powerful strategy based on insight

OFX used Adthena’s ad analysis report as the starting point for of their ad creation. Access to data driven insight directly informed their creative review, providing a streamlined testing process that lead to ad copy success.

Making improvements across the business

Not only did Adthena data provide a basis for improving and developing new ad copy, but by sharing this information with other internal stakeholders OFX were able to improve their service offering in light of direct competition.


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