Case Study

Delivering an 82% sales increase for River Island on Black Friday

With a sales market valued at over £1.23 billion by IMRG, Black Friday is now one of the most valuable shopping events in the UK calendar – and major retailers need as big a slice of the action as they can achieve.

Fashion retailer River Island is no exception, wanting to benefit from the estimated 220% increase in shoppers who are online during this day. But with so many extra potential customers, there is also a huge spike in competition for paid search terms on Google’s search engine results page. So, to keep traffic and sales high – and costs low – in 2016 River Island turned to Adthena to secure a major advantage.

Key Results

  • Result
    54% increase in traffic on 2015
  • Result
    82% increase in sales on the previous year

The challenge

The key challenge for River Island was to deliver a results-driven campaign in less than 48 hours – while facing intense competition for traffic from rivals. Because of the short time-frame, it was essential that the campaign benefited from real time intelligence on campaign performance and competitor behaviour. This is what River Island wanted Adthena to deliver.

The solution

Adthena provided minute-by-minute data that quickly identified where bid and copy changes could help improve and maintain high PPC rankings and impressions. This allowed the River Island team to optimise its campaign in real time and redistribute budgets to where they would deliver the best return. Because Adthena is the only technology that provides instant insights into competitor behaviour, the River Island was better able to outpace its competitors throughout the whole Black Friday campaign.

“Black Friday is the biggest retail event of the year for us. With Adthena’s real-time data as a part of our strategy, we could act on changes to the SERP and competitor activity immediately. Adthena’s invaluable support, enabled us to maintain a strong share of voice and drive increased traffic to our website.”

The insight: River Island stay ahead of competition on the most valuable day of the year

Instant insights to drive success

Because Adthena delivers insights in real time, River Island can amend and improve its paid search strategies on a minute-by-minute basis – ensuring they stay ahead in a competitive and time-restricted paid search market.

Outperforming previous success

The proof of Adthena’s power rests firmly on the bottom line. With an 82% increase in sales over the previous year, Adthena is fundamental to delivering increased profits.

Maintaining strong brand presence

Powerful paid search campaigns ensure that River Island’s brand is highly visible at times when large numbers of customers are online. Adthena delivers customers that didn’t originally go online to shop with River Island.

Prepared for the busiest sales period

Real time insights ensure that River Island’s digital marketing team is not only prepared for busy sales periods like Black Friday, but also that they have intelligence that allow them to adjust their strategy as soon as they need to.