Case Study

How William Hill dominated Paid Search for the Melbourne Cup

Operating in a fast-moving and highly competitive sector, bookmaker William Hill Australia needs to dominate the paid search market in the hours and minutes before a sporting event – when search and betting activity are at their highest.

Thanks to Adthena Real-Time, the firm left competitors standing as it won and maintained an average PPC listing position of #1 in the lead-up to the 2016 Melbourne Cup, one of the richest and most famous horse races in the world.

Key Results

  • Result
    #1 average position for major head terms, including ‘Melbourne Cup’
  • Result
    89% impression share across the whole account - a year-on-year growth of 26%
  • Result
    100% impression share on William Hill brand terms and 88% on competitor brand terms – a near 50% growth.

The challenge

Paid Search campaigns for events like the Melbourne Cup depend on fast-moving, optimal performance during a very short time window before the race. The critical period for the Melbourne Cup is between 12pm-3pm, when search and betting activity spikes – and competitor activity is most intense.

This makes investigating competitor performance over 24 hours fruitless – it needs to be monitored moment by moment. And this is how Adthena Real-Time gave William Hill the edge.

The solution

Adthena Real-Time provided William Hill Australia with minute-by-minute competitor and performance data, allowing them to adapt and react to changing auction conditions immediately, boosting results and performance as a result.

“We were able to isolate so much detail in real time. Our goal was to maximise impression share across the major head terms and maintain a #1 average position to drive conversions. Adthena gave us a massive advantage – within minutes we could react to market changes and maintain our position strategy.”

The insight: How Adthena turbocharged William Hill’s campaign

Actionable insights to beat the competition

Adthena is an automated solution that learns the more it is used. Real-time, actionable insights allowed the William Hill team to catch competitors on the hop and change the course of their campaign within moments – keeping them ahead in the paid search rankings and converting more clicks into valuable custom.

Outperforming previous success

Adthena allowed William Hill to drastically increase its impression share on all devices, compared to previous years. The campaign resulted in a 26% increase in impression share for 2016’s Melbourne Cup.

Powerful results in a tight timeframe

William Hill needed to outperform its competition in a tight window of three hours, between 12pm and 3pm on the day of the race. Because only Adthena could deliver real-time intelligence (in one-minute intervals when needed), it gave the team a secret weapon that left competitors trailing. Only William Hill could break down data into frequency and average position – and view current ad copy – all on one page.

Maintaining strong brand presence

Adthena is an always-on solution, meaning William Hill can maintain 100% brand presence across search at all times, quickly pick up on brand infringements and drive down the cost of its PPC campaigns – while boosting their results.

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