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The 12 Most Common SEM Mistakes

By Lorna Gill — 28th January 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Knowing what not to do can be just as important to your SEM campaigns as knowing what to do in the first place. Here we identify twelve of the most common SEM mistakes and determine what marketers can…

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What Caused Trivago's Christmas Spike?

By Lorna Gill — 21st January 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Christmas morning was a happy one for Trivago, as the metasearch engine experienced a spike in its share of paid search traffic on the 25th. The question is: what’s responsible for this Christmas mi…

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January Is the Time for Your Annual PPC Audit

By Ian O'Rourke — 19th January 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Conducting an in-depth PPC account audit is essential to any digital marketing team’s performance, and there’s no better time than the start of a new year to delve deep into your campaign data and…

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Top 5 Easy PPC Tips for Small Businesses

By Ian O'Rourke — 16th January 2015 — Adthena

As a small business, how can you maximise your time, optimise your PPC workflow, improve visibility, and reduce spending? These PPC tips will help you to market and grow your business online more effe…

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