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Revolutionising Mobile Search

By Lorna Rose Gill — 31st January 2017 — Mobile

With Mobile paid search costs set to rise in 2017 and account for 57% of the clicks, it is time for advertisers to become Mobile PPC savvy. In 2016, mobile CPC rose by 7% whilst CTR fell 12% creati…

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woman holding an iphone and with a laptop

Adthena at the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit

By Lorna Rose Gill — 10th September 2015 — Adthena

Did you survive? Back in April, the world of search underwent what was meant to be a massive shift, known, scarily enough, as Mobilegeddon. Prophesied as a shake-up so large it would see mobile…

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Why a Mobile Website Can Boost Your PPC Exposure

By Lorna Rose Gill — 18th August 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

We explain why having both an effective mobile site and mobile PPC strategy is a must for your business, and how you and Adthena can work together to make sure your ads go all the way. (more…)

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image showing a charity box with coins in it

Top Five PPC Tips for Small Charities

By Lorna Rose Gill — 9th July 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Even charities need good marketing strategies, which means it’s time to explore how PPC can boost the visibility of non-profit-making enterprises. (more…)

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#Mobilegeddon Go Mobile or Become Irrelevant

By Lorna Rose Gill — 13th March 2015 — Adthena

In search marketing, the “Year of Mobile” has been anticipated for many years, but 2015 promises to be different! Why? Google has finally given a timeline for the expansion of ranking signals to i…

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