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In an age of “banner blindness”, ad fatigue, and widespread saturation of consumers’ digital ad experiences, investing in competitive intelligence (CI) continues to deliver value and ROI for advertisers. The continued growth in paid search investment saw global ad spend reach an all-time high of $40.6B by year end 2017, and the channel is now by far the largest in the marketing mix, driving 49% of digital ad revenues.

Competitive intelligence data is incredibly valuable for advertisers because of the quality and scale of data that is available with an enterprise CI solution. While Google’s Adwords or Auction Insights platforms do not provide significant competitive insight, marketplace solutions like Adthena collect, structure, and enable data-driven reporting workflows which can inform strategic insight.


Brands that succeed with Adthena

Harnessing Competitive Intelligence

The changing competitive landscape is affecting advertisers who rely on search for customer acquisition. The future will undoubtedly see further changes which require enterprise brands to rise to challenges around big data, personalization, and ever more streamlined ad experiences.

Advertisers typically tackle competition around five strategic solutions:

  • Partner Management – Ensure your partner networks, across affiliates, dealerships and franchises, are aligned resulting in cost efficiencies and control over brand coverage in the SERP.
  • Strategic Planning – Map out your entire competitive landscape at a category level, and learn how competitive insights can be used to gain an advantage in search.
  • Gap Analysis – Understand where to gain maximum value from your search campaigns. Map out gaps and opportunities for market growth, and monitor and protect your existing presence in search.
  • Ad Copy Analysis – Leverage machine-learning to scale, test and optimize your ad campaigns. Improve the relevance and personalization of search ads for your customers.
  • Brand Protection – Monitor and protect your brand from aggressive competitors by managing infringements with speed, and at scale, reducing CPAs and maximizing ROAS.
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In an ever-increasingly competitive landscape, we knew that growing our market share was going to be tough. The results we've achieved have not just kept us competitive, but have exceeded expectation and delivered growth amidst a period of consumer uncertainty.

Paid Search Benchmark Report 2018

One of the biggest challenges in search is knowing how your results compare against other advertisers in your industry.

Our research reveals that the SERP has become increasingly more competitive in the last year with the number of advertisers competing for a first page ad position increasing 13.1% in 2017.

This report benchmarks ad spend and performance in search, and encompasses data from over 140 million paid search ads, and 135,000 advertisers in the US, UK, and Australia, across eight key verticals.

For senior decision makers, this kind of competitive intelligence can be used to refine, iterate, and optimize search campaigns.

  • See how your ad spend, clicks, and device performance measure up to industry average benchmarks in search.
  • Explore our deep analysis of category specific CPCs and CTRs.
  • We deconstruct the SERP to find out the cost of influencing the top ad positions in your market.
  • Key takeaways for strategic decision makers and budget owners in digital.



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Five things that make Adthena unique

  1. Machine-Learned Whole Market View: a unique and patented solution delivering an unrivaled view of your market without keyword or competitor limitations, monitored every hour and updated daily.
  2. Data Segmentation: Adthena’s AI Categorization surfaces search term insights at a scale and speed which exceeds any human expertise. Sophisticated machine-learning techniques are used to automatically identify valuable, revenue-driving search terms, categorizing them within 1.5k+ AdWords taxonomies.
  3. Automated trend detection & monitoring technology: The automated, Smart Monitor, technology helps you stay on top of your competition, by automatically alerting you of daily market shifts and competitor movements in your using granular analysis behind every event.
  4. Built for Client Value and Outcomes: All Adthena technology is designed to be simple to use and to deliver to the key requirements outlined by clients when they sign up. Every client has its own bespoke success plan, so all teams are fully aligned on the impact Adthena will have on their campaigns.
  5. World Class Customer Success: Adthena provides a high level of human interaction, delivering an enterprise, premium level service. It couples software and customer service to help brands build benchmark reports and demonstrate success. Together, Adthena’s team of experts and technology works to ensure customers achieve and exceed their aims and targets.