Analyze your competitor’s keywords & uncover opportunities automatically

Adthena’s advanced keyword planning tool puts other simple alternatives to shame. Using machine learning, our platform provides:

  • Automatic monitoring of millions of keywords, including yours and your competitors
  • Relevant keywords, filtered by our patented process
  • A dynamic keyword set that detects new terms, competitors & seasonal changes every hour, 24/7

Our powerful keyword competition tool uncovers gaps in your search term strategy, identifies and exploits gaps in your competitors’ and reveals new opportunities you can use to refine your own campaigns.

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Want to see how Adthena works?

How our technology is different

Adthena is the only competitive intelligence solution that uses machine learning to deliver a dynamic and comprehensive search landscape, tailored to your brand and your campaigns.

It effortlessly monitors millions of search terms to give you a full picture of your competitors’ paid and organic search activity – handing your team actionable insights to lower your CPAs, increase conversions and significantly improve your return on advertising spend.

Adthena indexes & learns from:

  • 500 Million Adverts
  • 200 Million Keywords
  • 15 Languages
  • 10TB of Data Every Day


Witness the power of Adthena for yourself with our demo!

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“Black Friday is the biggest retail event of the year for us. With Adthena’s real-time data as a part of our strategy, we could act on changes to the SERP and competitor activity immediately. Adthena’s invaluable support, enabled us to maintain a strong share of voice and drive increased traffic to our website.”

Take a look at some of Adthena’s unique features

Uncover search term opportunities

Adthena’s Whole Market View™ lets you analyze AdWords competitor keywords so you can see what your rivals’ strategies look like. We show you the gaps and opportunities they’ve left wide open.

  • Discover opportunities with low competition keywords your competitors have missed
  • Understand competitor strategies allowing you to outsmart them
  • Identify terms you aren’t currently appearing for so that you can add new, profitable keywords to your campaigns

Our competitor keyword tool builds out your search landscape and allows you to see where others are succeeding and where they’re failing – letting you know exactly where to put your media budget!

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Search term detail

See which of your competitors are bidding on relevant Search terms, how successful they are and the average estimated cost for their position. With this view you can:

  • See the top competitor – see which of your rivals has the most visibility for each term
  • Track avg. position – learn how aggressively your competitors are bidding on terms
  • Measure estimated clicks & CPCs – get an idea of how engaging and expensive terms are using our machine learned metrics
  • Add priority & ignored terms making Adthena learn even faster

With so much detail, you’ll quickly be able to find your AdWords & Bing Ads competitors keywords and start using them to your advantage.

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Search term groups

With Adthena you can organise your search terms into groups to enable you to quickly filter different charts and tables within the application. With search term groups, you can also:

  • Instantly pull a number of reports for a specific set of keywords
  • Identify your impression share for relevant terms
  • Separate terms into brand, competitor, high-value keywords & more

Search term groups give you even more control over how you view your search term data and allow you quick, valuable insights into your targeted keywords.

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Want to see our platform in action?

Empower your business with our award-winning technology

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