COVID-19 impacting your digital strategy?

Speak to us today if your business has been affected by the Coronavirus and you’re uncertain about how to move forward with your digital marketing strategy.

Despite the chaos around this crisis, it remains true that digital marketers must look to trusted data sources when making strategic decisions. Adthena monitors the SERP 24/7 with data refreshed daily, meaning you can respond to volatile market changes as they happen.

Adthena data shows advertisers:

  • Public attention – what search terms are growing/shrinking in popularity?
  • Business strategy – who is entering or leaving the market?
  • Search transparency – which ads are appearing in the SERP and when?
  • Budget justification – where does the true opportunity exist for your business?

At this time, it’s important that we rely on each other and seek help where we can find it. Adthena’s award-winning Customer Success team is on hand to provide you with relevant, business-critical assistance, helping you to find innovative solutions to novel problems.

Please leave your information and one of our consultants will call you straight back.

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