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In conversation with: Erika Mendes at ROAST

Our consultant, Tom Larkin, catches up with Erika about this year’s biggest agency challenges

How can you save time and boost productivity for clients?

Greenlight saved 6 days of competitive analysis time, and focused on strategy for the client.

How to look beyond Google for the search intelligence you need

Find out how to use AI to optimize your PPC campaigns and deliver better results for your clients.

Watch now: How can you get the edge to win new business?

In this 60 second video, find out how your digital agency could automate client search strategies, make better PPC investments and win accounts.

Getting rid of Brand Crashers

Get the guide to Brand Crashers: How to get rid of them & what to do next for 6 steps to successfully evict rival brands encroaching on your clients’ clickshare: 

  1. Clean up and assess the damage
  2. Work the room and make your case
  3. Bust a move and take action
  4. Report the rule-breakers
  5. Know your A-list from your D-list
  6. Enjoy your new VIP status

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