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Get Off My Brand!

Competitors bid on and use your trademarked brand terms all the time. That’s true for brands of any size, and across all industries.

In fact, most brands are likely to have experienced brand infringement at some point, whether they know it or not. In most cases, infringements go by completely undetected.

Adthena provides comprehensive monitoring and protection for your brand across the entire digital landscape. Our Whole Market View technology is powered by proven machine learning algorithms that continuously seek out instances of infringements whenever your brand is bid on or mentioned anywhere.

No other competitive intelligence solution gives you such a detailed picture of the search landscape.

And now… Adthena is building the world’s most advanced Brand Protection Solution. In collaboration with clients and partners, we’ve developed new features that deliver results, enabling better user experiences and more efficient workflows. It’s time to reclaim control of your brand once and for all.

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"Adthena provides a huge benefit to Nordic Choice, enabling us to track what degree our competitors are bidding on our brands, and protecting our brand from infringement. As a hotel chain, the biggest benefit is keeping track of all our agreements we have with our partners"