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Let machine learning uncover your most valuable digital strategy

For digital advertisers, managing the volume of keywords in search campaigns can be an enormous challenge. Mapping out competitive search terms in a specific category or market niche can mean sifting through thousands, even millions, of keywords. What’s more, the landscape is constantly changing.

With Adthena’s revolutionary AI Categorization technology, our sophisticated machine learning technology does the work, enabling digital marketers to focus on turning those insights into results.

Analyze your entire competitive landscape with Adthena’s Whole Market View™

What are your most valuable, revenue-driving search terms? Where are untapped opportunities?  What terms perform best for your competition? AI Categorization lets you conduct keyword research, scale campaigns, and grow market share with speed and precision.

  • Take advantage of  search term opportunity recommendations
  • Easily view, monitor, and report on competitor performance
  • Gain a detailed understanding of subcategories and niches in your market
  • Zero set-up time required
  • AI-powered – no human intervention required
  • Captures market changes and opportunities on a day-to-day basis
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Benefit from AI-fueled data and insight