Adthena Launches its Leading AI and Machine Learning-Powered Search Intelligence Technology in the US

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Helping Brands and Marketers Beat AdWords Competitors, Unlock New Opportunities, Boost ROI, and Lower Costs

Backed by Mel Morris, former chairman of Candy Crush maker King Digital, the leading search intelligence solution in Europe is now available to all US brands and marketers

NEW YORK, NY (October 25, 2017) – Adthena (, the leader in AI and machine learning-powered search intelligence, today announced its official launch in the US. The launch brings the company’s patented “Whole Market View” technology – the only platform that maps the entire paid and organic search landscape for a brand and its competitors – to the biggest US-based brands and search marketers. This technology boosts campaign performance and optimizes spend.

Today, 86 percent of digital marketers say paid search is the most valuable channel for customer acquisition.* This is why, globally, search remains one of the largest investments in digital advertising, with $90 billion spent each year.** Unfortunately, rising investments bring more competition. To succeed, brands and marketers need smarter search intelligence that not only defines the entire relevant search landscape, but sheds light on the competitor behaviors, strategies and movements within it.

However, it is impossible to understand both the volume of data and the velocity in which real-time shifts occur in search without AI and machine learning. This technology is critical to map, track and understand search market dynamics. Once advertisers finally see and understand those dynamics, it is possible to dramatically improve the performance and yield of their marketing, as well as spend.

“Paid search is one of the largest digital channels and investment grows each year,” said Ian O’Rourke, CEO & Founder of Adthena. “But bigger budgets mean more players in Google AdWords, raising costs. And more competition makes it harder to track what happens during an auction. Brands need greater visibility to react quickly to a market that evolves every hour. It’s a lot data that constantly changes. Marketers need actionable competitive insights at massive scale across a wide search landscape. But they also need very fine granularity. This is only achievable with AI and machine learning.”

Enter Adthena, the most powerful search intelligence solution today. It is the only search platform in the world powered by a one-of-a-kind combination of AI (data collection, mapping and trend tracking) and machine learning (data sorting, analysis and recommendations). Adthena’s AI and machine learning technology captures limitless search engine results page (SERP) data every hour, providing brands and marketers with the most comprehensive data set in the market – vital to success in fast-evolving auctions. The result is actionable intelligence that gets refined constantly.

This dynamic data set delivers greater visibility into competitor-driven changes in auctions, campaign performance and spend. And because Adthena constantly monitors the entire search landscape — granularly tracking changes and competitor paid and organic search strategies — it continually alerts marketers to threats within their relevant landscape, while also uncovering new opportunities. Adthena’s unique “Whole Market View” makes search smarter, more powerful and cost-effective, with a guaranteed 2X ROI for customers.

“We’re excited to bring Adthena to the US,” said O’Rourke. “There’s no solution like it available in the US, or otherwise. In a blind AdWords auction, it’s difficult to truly know the impact that a competitor has on results, opportunities and cost. If brands don’t know why their campaign performance changes over time, the temptation is to simply increase spend – with no guarantee of success. Adthena completely changes that, using AI and machine learning to provide huge competitive advantage.”

With Adthena’s search and competitor intelligence, brands and marketers can benchmark performance, identify and understand the best search ads in their market, and monitor competitor launches, promotions and discounts. They can also uncover top search terms, analyze ad copy trends and even recognize when competitors try to bid on a brand’s name or related terms, poaching customers and exploding CPA’s (cost-per-acquisition).

“Search-enabled customer acquisition needs to be smarter – its scale demands the use of AI and machine learning,” said Mel Morris, the entrepreneur and investor behind Candy Crush and former chairman of King Digital. Morris is an Adthena investor and board member. “This technology is already helping marketers in areas like programmatic. But AI and machine learning in search is still in its infancy, even though search is one of the largest investment areas in digital. In Europe, Adthena’s platform is already dramatically improving customer acquisition, performance and spend for top brands. It’s exciting to to bring these benefits to the US.”

Unlike other search intelligence platforms, Adthena does not rely on stale, off-the-shelf data for marketers and brands. These companies do not offer a full representation of the entire relevant search landscape or the competitor strategies within. Only Adthena pairs together the sophisticated combination of AI and machine learning required to deliver this.

Founded in 2012, London-based Adthena is the most powerful search intelligence solution today. Everyday, it processes over 10 terabytes of new data, while indexing 500 million advertisements and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages. Globally, Adthena works with more than 250 clients across 14 different business sectors, including retail and e-commerce, finance, travel, education, and automotive. Brand customers include, Autotrader, HSBC, Burberry, Atlassian, and Air New Zealand. Agency customers include media specialists like GroupM and channel-specific paid search experts like iProspect.

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About Adthena

Adthena is the The Ultimate Search Intelligence Solution. It serves hundreds of the world’s largest advertisers through its patented “Whole Market View” technology. Updated daily and unrivaled, Adthena uses machine learning to help digital marketers understand their paid and organic search landscape and improve campaign performance. Processing over 10TB of new data, indexing 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day, Adthena works with over 250 clients spread across 14 different business sectors ranging from retail, finance, travel and automotive. Brand customers include Autotrader,, HSBC, The National Lottery, Burberry, Atlassian, Air New Zealand, ANZ, Bunnings, and Westpac. Agency customers include media specialists like GroupM and channel specific paid search experts iProspect. The user-friendly interface segments data to provide insights into gap analysis, CTR improvement, keyword expansion, ad copy analysis, report automation, brand protection, mobile, Google shopping and benchmarking.

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