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Feature Update: Scheduled Reports

Today Adthena announce three new feature releases that will give users faster and smarter access to actionable insights that improve time efficiencies and demonstrate value.

AdWords Value Tracking

For search marketers who need to monitor improvements in their AdWords account and want to show the value of the contribution they have made. Previously they would have been at risk of communicating value ineffectively but now they can showcase the impact they have made through simple visualizations and charts.

The Adwords Value Tracking dashboard allows users to compare the success of their AdWords campaigns across 12 metrics over two different periods. Segment the data into Brand (eg. Adthena), Brand Generics (eg. Adthena Competitive Intelligence) and Generics (eg. Competitive Intelligence), all automatically mapped to your AdWords campaign structure.

Adwords Value Tracking Dashboard

Fig 1. AdWords Dashboard, Reports & Alerts

Paul Felby, CTO at Adthena says “Syndicating daily data from AdWords into our platform not only brings users even closer to daily shifts in your auction but reports the impact of actioning Adthena insights on the campaigns. We are seeing continued value driven across a number of KPI’s so this new AdWords Value Dashboard supports 10+ of the most common metrics raised at a recent client roundtable in NYC. This transparency will really help Adthena users stay ahead of their competition.

All Adthena users who have their AdWords account linked will automatically see this new dashboard available in the Reports section of the application. The KPI’s measured in two like-for-like toggles will be:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cost
  • CPC
  • Avg Impression Share
  • Avg Quality Score
  • Avg Bid
  • CTR
  • Avg Positioning
  • Avg Amount of Keywords, which is the number of keywords you showed an impression on divided by the date range you selected

As per all features within the Adthena UI, the metrics can be split across Desktop and Mobile giving users the granularity and competitive insights they’d expect. 

Automated Brand Group Filters

For Adthena users frustrated with time spent managing brand terms and want to safeguard themselves against input error.
The new built-in search term groups, Brand Terms and Brand Generic Terms, are automatically generated by Adthena’s patented, machine-learned algorithm providing an accurate and up to date list of terms without manual input, saving the user time and risk of error.  

Brand Search Term Groups

Fig 2. Brand Search Term Groups, use in filters across all reports

Filtered & Unfiltered view

For Adthena users who need to filter for a specific set of competitors and want to see their market share versus all competitors in the market. Previously the report would show the market share of the selected competitors only but now users can switch between the two views giving users greater clarity over their competitive landscape.

Filtered and Unfiltered View

Fig 3. Filtered and Unfiltered View, available in Market Trends and Market Share

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