Feature Release: Gain greater competitive clarity with your Organic Whole Market View

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Adthena expands its data offering by introducing an Organic Whole Market View to their competitive intelligence tool.

Adthena, the market leading competitive intelligence tool for search, today announce they are expanding their data offer to include brand’s relevant Organic Whole Market View. This update will give marketers competitive clarity on all results appearing on the first page of Google, enabling them to tie up their paid and organic search strategies across desktop and mobile.

Speaking to many Heads of Digital at a roundtable event recently I found it quite alarming that both in-house and agency paid/organic executives were not aligned in their search strategy. It was the number one item to fix.”, said Ashley Fletcher, Director of Product Marketing at Adthena. “The Organic Relevancy launch for Adthena represents a tremendous opportunity to leverage our machine-learned Whole Market View and shine a far brighter light on your relevant organic landscape. Essentially this means far greater strategic direction on how both paid and organic interact together so you can win in your entire search landscape.

The update gives greater clarity over competitor search strategies, enabling search marketers to make better, data-driven decisions on where to invest in their paid and organic campaigns. By joining up paid and organic data across desktop and mobile, marketing teams are able to work more closely and with more evidence based goals and objectives.

Introducing Organic Whole Market View

To gain greater clarity over competitor activity in search, marketers need to understand their competitor’s paid and organic campaigns and the most successful search marketers are data driven in their approach. How well brands perform in organic results directly influences paid strategies so it is vital that marketers understand the opportunities and threats across their whole search landscape.

Driven by machine learning and a patented relevancy process, Adthena’s Whole Market View™ gives marketers the data insight they need to understand their competitors’ strategies, enabling them to proportion budgets effectively, improve time efficiencies and elevate their campaigns to win in search.

Adthena’s update continues to analyze and capture the first page of Google and now provides all the data from the first page.

  • Users will now see 27% more competitors and 50% more search terms in their data.
  • Adthena now collects 10TB of new data every day, analyzing the SERP every hour, 24/7, indexing 500M adverts and 200M Keywords.
  • Organic Insights identifies all competitors and search terms in a brand’s unique keyword universe.
  • Organic Insights is fully integrated with the Adthena platform, adding additional insights to Market Trends, Head to Head Comparisons and Search Term Opportunities across desktop and mobile.

The Organic Insights launch will enable both my Paid and Organic teams to be closer aligned when reacting to our clients fast moving search landscape. We can now better understand our competitive landscape for the entire search results page and make more informed decisions with the actionable insights driven from Adthena

Lara Simitci – Head of Biddable at Harvest Digital


Adthena market share

“This enriched view from Adthena Organic Insights has further expanded our competitive search landscape analysis beyond just being predominantly focused on paid performance. The relevant actionable insights on organic will help play a significant role in our future content strategies to continue to grow volume from through organic search”

Keith Mowbray – Head Of Digital Marketing at Towergate Insurance

Adthena Platform Enhancements

Adthena market trends

Alongside the Organic Insights data, Adthena are enhancing their User Interface to make it easier for marketers to digest the data in the platform and produce reports. Now users will be able to see their paid, organic, desktop and mobile graphs and charts on one page, so they can more easily analyze the nuances of the different channels in which they operate.

  • Market Trends data now includes quick links to Search Term Detail so marketers can pinpoint which search terms are directly influencing their competitor’s results.
  • Search Term Detail now has Organic and Total options so marketers can filter Organic Insights at a search term level.
  • Graphs and charts can be downloaded in image formats (.jpg, .png, .svg) to be easily included in business reports.

These updates represent Adthena’s commitment to revolutionize search marketing through unrivalled competitive clarity and provide their customers with actionable insight to make them successful in search.

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