Feature Update: Leverage the power of AI Categorization to empower your search campaigns

Lorna Rose Gill Posted by Lorna Rose Gill

Adthena has expanded its automated Search Term Groups to help you visualize your data more quickly and efficiently.

Adthena’s AI Categorization utilizes machine learning to organize the most valuable search terms across your Whole Market. Our convolutional neural networks constantly learn from and adapt to your search landscape, mapping out valuable search terms in each category.

The update splits search term groups into three categories:

Brand Automation

An update to ‘Built in Groups,’ Brand Automation contains your Brand Terms, Brand Generic Terms and Lone Rangers Desktop/Mobile and will now contain an update to Competitor Brand Terms and the all new Competitor Brand Generics. These groups update automatically and can be used across to the tool to segment all reports and charts.

User Managed Groups

User Managed Groups are created by you or your Customer Success Manager. This is where you can manually create and update specific niche groups.

Deep Learned Categories

These groups use Artificial Intelligence, in the form of convolutional neural networks, to categorize your search terms into any of Google AdWords’ 1500 Taxonomies. These groups update dynamically and can be used across the tool to segment all reports and charts.

AI Categorization surfaces search term insights at a scale and speed which exceeds any human expertise.


Discover how AI Categorization can empower your search campaigns with a demo of the Adthena platform.

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