Feature Update: New and improved Scheduled Reports will give you faster access to granular level insights

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Feature Update: Scheduled Reports
This update is for Adthena users who want granular level reports and who want to be alerted to changes in the SERP that directly affect campaign performance and business objectives.

Scheduled Reports uses Saved Filters to produce daily, weekly, or monthly reports, and/or customized alerts when Adthena sees a change in the SERP. Now, you can use advanced filtering to create reports delivered straight to your inbox, saving you time and making it easier for you to access the insight.

You can now schedule reports that:

  • Alert you when a new competitor appears on a specific search term
  • Send you new ads containing specific text, defined by you
  • Send you ads where competitors, affiliates or other partners are using your brand terms
  • Send you new ads that a specific competitor or competitor group has started running in the past week

Because the reports use Saved Filters, Scheduled Reports now give you much more flexibility, by encompassing all the filters available in the platform. These include Totals, Organic, AdWords Campaigns, Filtered/Unfiltered View.

Saved Filters

If you are already using Scheduled Reports, these will be migrated automatically and your report will run without change.

Speak to your Customer Success Manager to understand how Scheduled Reports can make an impact on your targets or read our FAQs for more information.

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