Communication with Affiliate Partners

Go City was able to proactively communicate with all affiliate partners that were not in compliance with their terms and conditions aligning their affiliate partners with Go City’s objectives.

Commission Pauses

Implemented a 3- strike ban policy and then paused commissions for network partners that were still bidding on brand terms. This measure was an effective deterrent to ensure compliance with their policies.



As a result of these measures, Go City saw an immediate reduction in brand bidding activities. In the first month using Ad Hijacking Detection, they reduced the number of partners bidding on brand terms by 86%. Additionally, they saved $4,722 in cost per acquisition (CPA) for affiliates.



“Working with Adthena has been great, we’ve managed to evolve something to really add value to our business. Also being transparent to partners around brand bidding and working with them to resolve issues in the short and long term. What started off as a spreadsheet of data is now all viewable and accessible in the Adthena app for ease of pulling the information.”


Darren Colledge

Affiliate Growth Lead

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