Solution Services

The knowledge and support you need to scale your search intelligence

When it comes to competitive intelligence, every business is unique. Make sure you get the insights you need, with services that are tailored to your specific goals and challenges.

By building an individual success plan for your needs, Adthena ensures that search becomes a channel you can rely on to drive results.

Unlock the power of your competitive intelligence

Our Customer Success and Account Management teams are vertical experts, with deep knowledge of your market. They act as an extension of your paid search team, delivering ongoing value through custom Solution Services. With our team, you’ll be able to:

  • Boost search ROI with actionable insights and reporting designed to answer the big questions about your paid search performance
  • Customize your services as your business evolves and requirements change, so you always have the data  you need
  • Make strategic decisions and reach your goals with a success plan built around key priorities for your business



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Solve your toughest challenges in paid search

Winning in search isn’t easy. Our Solution Services put you in the driving seat, by providing custom analysis and bespoke reporting to answer the most challenging questions about your paid search performance. 

Here’s a flavour of what you’ll be able to do with Adthena’s Solution Services:

  • Create effective messaging that resonates with your consumers
  • Benchmark competitors’ performance across multiple segments
  • Evaluate competitive trends in new markets and categories
  • Understand where your brand is exposed to rivals
  • Optimize your paid vs. organic strategy to boost ROI
  • Save time and resources with automated reporting on your market
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"Adthena is far more than just a data tool. It’s an insight platform that has revealed countless opportunities to improve our accounts. By using Adthena, we can identify where competitors are encroaching on our market, and quickly take action."

Benefit from automated data and insight