Ad Copy Analysis

Uncover the best performing ads in the marketplace

Changing even a single word in your ad copy can have a huge impact on campaign performance. The problem with refining your paid search ads is knowing where to start and how the changes will impact your performance.

Adthena gives you the edge by analysing the performance of your ads and your competitors’. It helps you to define your creative review with clarity, and allows you to be data-driven in your approach to testing. You can then put these actionable insights into use quickly – helping you to refine your ads for higher CTRs and lower CPCs.

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Learn from your competitors’ ideas and insights

Adthena delivers on-demand reports that analyse your ads and your competitors’ by traffic, date, keyword, position and spend estimates. This crucial intelligence allows you to:

  • Benchmark your performance
  • Find the best performing ads in the marketplace – and refine in the light of what you learn
  • Discover which CTAs work best – for you and your competitors
  • Monitor competitor promotions and discounts
  • Uncover high performing keywords and phrases with little competition
  • Identify themes which are over or under-utilised by your competition – and plan strategies for differentiation
  • Analyze ad copy trends – and see how yours and your competitors’ ads perform over time
  • Get immediate insight into seasonal ad copy trends – allowing you to refine your own ads quickly

The more you analyse competitors’ ads, the more you can improve efficiencies and use the intelligence you gather for monitoring, planning and execution. This gives you more time to spend on strategy, and leaves you more budget to reinvest elsewhere – on powerful, cost-effective ads in different areas of your campaigns.

‘Astonishing gains’ for Eurostar

“By using Adthena, we were able to save money on our CPCs without investing a single penny more. We’ve already started to trial this strategy with Adthena support in France and UK, achieving astonishing gains. As a result Eurostar can generate extra revenue through simple efficiencies on keywords. Savings have been reinvested into other core areas.”

Turan Kasimova Search Director, iProspect
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