Brand Infringement

Protect your brand terms and slash CPCs

When competitors or affiliates bid on your brand terms, they not only poach your customers but it can send your CPCs sky high.

The best defence is to take action fast, and that’s where Adthena comes into its own by monitoring millions of keywords. Automated reports alert you instantly to brand and trademark infringements, allowing you to act quickly by reporting issues to search engines or bringing affiliates into line. Adthena has saved millions for our clients in this way – and it can do the same for you.

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Reclaim your brand terms – and watch your costs fall

Adthena monitors millions of keywords globally. The moment a competitor bids on your brand terms or trademarks, it alerts you and tells you which keywords are targeted, where and when the ads are running and the estimated impact on your campaign.

This detailed intelligence gives you easy-to-export evidence that makes it much easier to take further action by reporting the infringement to Google or Bing. If you discover that affiliates are bidding on your brand terms, you can then coordinate them to prevent expensive overlapping bidding – as Mazda has with its network of dealerships. By stamping out brand abuse in these ways, you’ll soon see your CPCs drop and CTRs rise – allowing you to invest your savings in generic terms or campaigns lower down the funnel.

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Halving brand CPCs for Swinton Insurance

“Being in a very competitive marketplace, it’s vitally important that we have the capability to monitor brand activity. It’s great for us to have the ability to monitor
 our trademark terms
– it allows us to act
on infringements. The CPCs were extremely high on brand terms
and by introducing the infringement report, it’s halved the CPC.”

Simon Wild Digital Marketing Manager, Swinton Insurance
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