Head-to-Head Comparison

Uncover your competitors’ search strategies

Undertaking a paid search campaign without insight into your competitors’ strategies is like navigating without a map. You know where you want to go, but you have little idea what obstacles and challenges you will encounter on the way.

If you don’t know the strategies your competitors are using, your campaign performance drops and your costs go up without you understanding why. Adthena solves this for you by delivering detailed intelligence on your competitors’ bidding cycles, promotions, ad spend and campaign performance – giving you the insight you need stay one step ahead at all times.

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Shine a light on competitor activity

Competing for keywords can quickly become a zero-sum game, meaning you and your competitors ratchet up each other’s costs and sabotage campaign performance. Adthena helps you to make data-driven decisions by using:

  • Gap analysis – find out what is working for your competitors and what your campaigns are missing
  • Ad comparison – compare the effectiveness of your ad copy, CTAs and promotions as well as your ad position and spend with theirs
  • Share of voice – weigh your performance in search against competitors and see who is most dominant in the marketplace
  • Category performance – analyze keyword groups, campaigns and PLAs across mobile, desktop, paid and organic.

Uncovering competitor data in this comprehensive way lets you uncover gaps in your strategy, identify and exploit gaps in theirs, and discover new opportunities to refine your own campaigns. Adthena’s unique machine-learned processes gets more effective day after day, it’s your secret weapon to put you ahead of your competition.

How Adthena gave William Hill the edge

“We were able to isolate so much detail in real time. Our goal was to maximise impression share across the major head terms and maintain a #1 average position to drive conversions. Adthena gave us a massive advantage – within minutes we could react to market changes and maintain our position strategy.”

Tom Franklin Digital Performance Manager, William Hill Australia
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