Partner Management

Manage partnerships for digital compliance and alignment

Managing your digital partners across global markets and territories is never an easy task.  The last thing you want is for your affiliated partners to cannibalize market share or inflate your cost-per-acquisition.

Using the same machine learning technology we apply to competitive intelligence and analysis, Adthena will map out your entire partner network so you can access the vital intelligence you need. We track activities of every partner to identify marketing activities and infringements on agreements that may impact your digital performance.

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Simplify enforcement, eliminate waste and optimize digital ROI

Adthena’s AI-powered Partner Management solution gives you everything you need to monitor and bring harmony to even the largest partner networks – efficiently and consistently.

  • Maintain a strong and consistent digital presence
  • Establish and enforce synchronized partner policies
  • Understand how partners are impacting your ROAS
  • Reduce CPA inflation caused by competing partner bids
  • Enforce and scale compliance across all your digital partner networks
  • Discover new partner opportunities for business growth
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Mazda drives 31% dealer efficiency with Adthena

"Working closely with Adthena and our whole dealer network on such a large scale has really drawn efficiencies in our PPC account. We’ve gained a more holistic, transparent view of our Whole Market and we use the tool to arm ourselves when having conversations with the dealer network so we can educate them and improve efficiencies in their own accounts."

Abi Shepherd Digital Marketing Specialist, Mazda
See Adthena Partner Management in action

Enforce compliance more effectively with your Whole Market View ™

No other partner management solution offers the scale, scope, and advanced machine learning that Adthena does:

  • AI-powered discovery maintains a complete, dynamic and updated map of your partner network
  • Manage digital compliance across global networks of partners, affiliates, resellers, dealerships, agencies and franchises
  • High-frequency data collection helps you identify and resolve partner issues quickly and on a daily basis
  • Maximize efficiency of your digital spend by eliminating cannibalization
  • Protect your brand. and preserve a seamless customer journey
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Looking for comprehensive Brand Protection across your Whole Market?

For brands who also require comprehensive brand monitoring from competitors, Adthena Brand Protection identifies all competitive infringements and ad copy violations. The solution provides custom alerts and integrated reporting workflows for trademark infringements, allowing brands to protect their digital equity.

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Adthena's Smart Monitor

As a paid search marketer, you always look for ways to maximize your revenue and market share by proactively monitoring your partners’ strategies. However, the lack of transparency and data granularity in your existing analytics tools leave you unable to automatically monitor shifts in the market that directly impact your advertising campaigns.

As a result this leads to missed opportunities, decreased ROAS, valuable time being spent looking for the root cause of the performance dip and
significant decreases in your market penetration.

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Need Brand Protection from aggressive competitors?