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The search intelligence you need – when you need it

Adthena is easy to use and it is simple to generate reports with the exact information you need – whether monthly, weekly or daily.

Drill down to any metric, apply filters and create custom reports suited to your needs and which let you drill down into granular level detail that helps improve your performance in search. Adthena is a solution that adapts to your needs every day you use it for your paid search campaigns.

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Putting the right intelligence at your fingertips

No two paid search campaigns are the same, and each has its own special priorities. You may be focused on reducing CPC, protecting your bids from brand infringement, gathering competitor intelligence or identifying new keyword opportunities.

But whatever intelligence you need from Adthena, you can customise the insight to deliver the report you need. Use filters to include or exclude keywords and competitor groups, then schedule reports on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Export tables in PDF or CSV and download charts in a variety of image formats to use in presentations and print materials. Your regular reports are available at the click of a button and can be sent automatically to your inbox, ensuring you are always alerted to the events that matter to you most.

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Adthena Reports

  • Market trends – view historical and seasonal data or review competitor behaviour over a period
  • Market Share – compare your share of voice on mobile, desktop, paid and organic across search term groups, categories, PLAs and more.
  • Head to head – visualise your share of voice across mobile, desktop, organic, paid and PLA
  • Search term opportunities – uncover new keywords, evaluate their potential uplift and gain visibility over market changes.
  • Search term detail – benchmark your campaign performance by ad position and estimated spend per keyword
  • Automated reports – set monitoring rules and get reports delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Infringements – monitor brand infringements in Google and Bing
  • API – feed Adthena data directly to your dashboard.
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How Princess Cruises beats competitors

“Adthena’s Competitive Intelligence Suite gives us vital information on advertiser performance in relevant auction markets, allowing us to identify new opportunities, outperform competitors and significantly cut the average CPC for our brand terms.”

Nick Ferguson Marketing Manager, Princess Cruises
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