Strategic Planning

Leverage Whole Market competitive intelligence

To plan a successful online strategy, you need to understand your entire competitive landscape – what rivals are doing, where you stand in comparison, and which opportunities will pay off.

Adthena’s AI-powered Strategic Planning solution gives you a complete and dynamic view of your complete digital landscape, so you can see the best path forward:

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Only Adthena gives you the complete picture

No other strategic intelligence solution offers the scale, scope, and advanced machine learning that Adthena does. Our global, high frequency data collection empowers you to:

  • Implement a digital strategy that exploits competitor weaknesses and market gaps
  • Reduce risk by acting on dynamic, data-driven insights
  • Identify new opportunities and threats daily
  • Benchmark your KPIs against competitors
  • Map out new markets and territories before you invest
  • Predict and exploit trends based on rich historic data
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Delivering Strategic Intelligence and Market Insights for Auto Trader

“The intelligence we get from Adthena is invaluable to our planning and strategy. We monitor the overall market and the trends by vertical, giving us the data we need to make informed decisions.”

Chris Wojciechowicz Head of Delivery and Optimization, Auto Trader
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