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Unique, Results-Driven Competitive Intelligence

Adthena is the most powerful Competitive Intelligence Solution in the market, and it is unique in being powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is award-winning technology too, named Technical Innovation of the Year at the Drum Search Awards 2017, Best Search Technology of the Year at the UK Biddable Media Awards 2017 and Best Search Software Tool at the UK Search Awards in 2016.

Adthena captures limitless SERP results hourly, giving you the most comprehensive data in the market – vital in fast evolving auctions. Its patented relevancy process also gives you actionable insight, yielding data that you can understand quickly and use to build strategies that reduce costs and boost campaign performance.

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How Adthena Works

Adthena has machine learning at its heart, delivering fresh, powerful insights every day you put it to work. It does it by:

  • Analyzing your domain for keywords and creating a unique keyword universe.
  • Mining the search engine results pages for all these terms, creating separate keyword universes for all competitors – from super competitors down to niche rivals.
  • Collating this data to create a detailed map of your entire search market with thousands or even millions of potential keywords and phrases.
  • Filtering all potential keywords through our patented relevancy process, and automatically removing irrelevant ones.
  • Generating your own, personal search landscape defined to your campaign objectives – your Adthena Whole Market View™

And because Adthena repeats this process each day, we continuously uncover new opportunities and threats to deliver fresh insight on the search auction and organic listings.

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The power of Adthena’s Whole Market View™

Adthena’s Whole Market View™ gives you a major advantage over your competitors because it gives you:

  • Complete market awareness – not partial insight
  • Search term opportunities – uncovering profitable new keywords
  • Ad copy analysis – to improve performance of each ad
  • Brand infringement alerts – so you can take action fast
  • Reports and filters – giving you granular data as you need it

You also benefit from support via our world-class Customer Support Team, who can help you put Adthena’s insight to work, significantly increase CTRs and slash CPCs.

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