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5 Tips for Beating Black Friday

By Lorna Gill — 27th October 2015 — Adthena

If it’s not in your diary yet, write it in, circle it with a thick red pen, and put a bookmark in the page. Black Friday is coming, and if you’re not prepared yet, the time to start getting ready…

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Amazon Goes Black on Black Friday

By Lorna Gill — 15th December 2014 — Adthena

American retailers have long recognised Black Friday, the fourth Friday in November and the day after Thanksgiving, as the most important day of the year for their businesses. (more…)

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Is the DVD Dead?

By Lorna Gill — 8th December 2014 — Retail

Instead of disappearing, the DVD has assumed the new role of springboard to streaming and downloading services. (more…)

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