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Porter’s Five Forces for PPC

By Lorna Gill — 5th November 2015 — Adthena

In business, ideas matter, and good ideas have a habit of sticking around for a long time. For a good example, look at Porter’s Five Forces, the classic framework for assessing competition in an ind…

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When is the Peak for Online Betting?

By Ian O'Rourke — 21st November 2014 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

We investigate the peak times for online betting and how you can use this to your advantage to maximise your advertising strategy. (more…)

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Which Companies Are Using PPC to Promote City Breaks?

By Ian O'Rourke — 19th November 2014 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

With low-cost airlines and hotel comparison sites dominating the travel market, taking a city break has never been easier. But how are the main competitors getting our attention? (more…)

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Which Fashion Retailer Is Best Prepared for Winter?

By Ian O'Rourke — 5th November 2014 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Wintertime is coming, and with the cold weather comes a surge in seasonal searches. Let’s take a look at which fashion retailers have established the best winter-centric SEM campaigns. (more……

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