WINNERS: Adthena’s Local View wins two Global Biz Tech Awards 2022 for data & innovation
AI Categorization

Turn insights into results

Dozens of product categories, hundreds of search term groups, millions of possible search terms – and a constantly shifting landscape. One digital marketer. So where do you start?

Save time for strategy

Let AI do the hard work for you

With the intuitive Adthena platform on your side, you can let our automation do the heavy lifting for you. Our AI will map your search terms to thousands of machine-learned categories. All you have to do is turn insights into results, scale campaigns, and grow your market share.

And our industry experts will guide you through every step of the way.

Taking the sting out of competitive search

Digital marketers seeking help with managing search terms, look no further. No more manual sifting, we do all the hard work in this constantly changing landscape.

Get inside info on search term opportunities

Get a grasp on your subcategories

Leave no decision to chance with AI on your side

Capture market changes & opportunities every day

It’s essential for us to understand how our Google performance stacks up against competitors. We use Adthena to track our position in the market, and to keep an eye on competing ad strategies.

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