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Brand Activator: Save Google Ads costs and boost ROI today

Stop wasting money on Google Ads and reclaim your brand dominance. Automatically pausing unnecessary bids saves customers $15k monthly on average, while ensuring they never miss a click.

  • Buy online: register credit card to sign up.
  • Cancel any time: no savings, no charge.
  • Apply script to Google Ads & start saving.

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  • Minimum 1 brand term required (max 15).
  • Minimum 3,000 monthly impressions per term.
  • Google Ads search campaigns qualify (excluding PMax).
  • Apply unique script to manage negative keywords.
  • Read-only Google Ads access required (Search Console recommended)

See how much you could save today.

How does it work?

Brand Activator is ingeniously simple. It automatically pauses Google Ads bidding on brand terms a company is already winning organically and where no other competitors are bidding.

Paying for these “Lone Ranger” terms unnecessarily wastes marketers’ search budgets to the tune of thousands, and even millions in some cases, per year.

Switch on Brand Activator on your top Google Ads brand terms now to start saving.

Brand Activator uses AI and machine learning models for optimal performance

Award-winning search intelligence that ensures you only pay for relevant clicks, maximizing your Google Ads budget.

Real-time Search Monitoring Analyzes search results pages every 10 minutes (faster for high-volume terms) using machine learning to identify "Lone Ranger" scenarios.
Predictive AI Advanced models predict likelihood of such scenarios within a 2-minute window, allowing for proactive pausing of unnecessary bids.
Natural Language Processing Analyzes the entire search results page, recognizing competitors and applying changes to the Google Ads script automatically.
12+ years of Search Data Adthena's AI models benefit from over 12 years of accumulated search data, leading to superior pattern recognition and insights.

It's a no-brainer: no savings, no charge

What's the cost?

The amount you save depends on your monthly Google Ads spend. Adthena provides a fee tier table based on your monthly savings. The table is based on a maximum of 15 branded search terms managed by Adthena Brand Activator, examples being: Tesla, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y.  

Adthena will send you a monthly savings and fee report, the credit card registered will be charged the following month. If you cancel within 30 days then there’s no charge.  And if there are no savings, then there’s no monthly charge either.

US Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best Search Software Tool

UK Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best PPC Management Software Suite

Global Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best Software Innovation

APAC Search Awards - Winner 2024

Brand Activator - Best Global Search Software Tool


Got questions? We have the answers.

  • Brand Activator uses a performance-based pricing model, meaning you only pay when you save money. The fee is a percentage of your savings, starting at 25% and decreasing the higher your Google Ads spend. Payment is charged automatically to the credit card on file through Stripe at the beginning of the following month. If there are no savings, there is no fee

  • Adthena utilizes a 28-day trailing dataset from your search term report to estimate savings and spend with hourly granularity. 

    • Daily savings calculation per search term = total of (spend per hour x the time when search term is OFF)
    • Daily savings calculation = total of all search term saving in a day

    Hourly Weighting

    Using average hourly spend during the 7 days preceding your Brand Activator implementation, spend is weighted based on the hour of the day. Since there is often no spend in the middle of the night, these hours will have a weight of close to zero.

  • Yes, you can cancel at any time. By disabling the script you will immediately stop saving and therefore billing. To permanently cancel your contract simply email

  • The amount you save depends on your monthly Google Ads spend. Adthena provides a fee tier table based on your monthly savings:

    • Up to $10,000: 25% fee
    • $10,001 to $100,000: 20% fee
    • $100,001 to $1,000,000: 15% fee
    • Over $1,000,000: 10% fee
  • You’ll receive an onboarding questionnaire after sign-up to establish parameters. Then you’ll receive your Google Ads script, and once installed, Brand Activator will begin making savings immediately.

  • You will have access to our customer support ticketing system, however Brand Activator Standalone does not include support from our team of Customer Success experts. For full strategic support from our Search Strategy Consultants, take a look at our full Adthena subscription – Request a Demo here.

  • A small amount of click loss may occur when paid ads are turned off. Brand Activator monitors clicks across both paid and organic listings to help you track overall performance. 

  • It is recommended to link your Google Search Console data to Brand Activator to monitor your organic traffic performance and ensure your organic conversion rate is similar to your paid ads.

  • Brand Activator is designed to work with exact match terms and may not be suitable for misspellings and close variants due to frequent changes in Google’s algorithms.

  • No, Brand Activator cannot be used for sub-domains in this share of savings offering. Adthena can service sub-domains with a full subscription, if you’d like to find out more Request a Demo here.