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Brand Activator StandAlone

Award-winning tech, at fraction of the cost

By not spending on clicks they’re winning organically, with no other bidders in the picture, our first 25 customers have saved $1.8m on brand search budgets so far.

What’s more, Brand Activator is now available on its own, without a full subscription to Adthena, and at a fraction of the cost.

Will you pocket the savings or reinvest in generic terms to drive new revenue?

Automated around the clock

How does it work?

  1. Around-the-clock monitoring. Every hour, Adthena indexes your targeted brand terms to identify Lone Rangers
  2. Automatic deactivation. Lone Ranger terms are automatically added to your negative keyword list. 
  3. Automatic reactivation. Terms are automatically reactivated if a competitor re-enters the auction. 
  4. Monthly reporting. You’ll get analytics to see how much you saved on your brand terms, and paid vs organic clicks.

You can even whitelist other domains you own or your affiliates, so you’re not competing against other brands that are on your same team.

It's a no-brainer. Savings that pay for a whole lot more

Will you keep the savings or reinvest them in higher-performing search terms with Adthena?

Stop wasted spending immediately
Set it and forget it automation
Keep savings or reinvest for growth
See savings & paid vs organic clicks

Adthena helped us identify real spend efficiencies. Through their Lone Rangers, we’re able to stop spending on brand terms and reinvest that budget to areas that are more conducive to acquiring new customers.

Alison Yarrow, Digital and Media Manager, Avanti West Coast

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