Adthena WINS Global Search Award in finance and makes software shortlist at US Search Awards 2021.
Industry Market View

Dominate where it matters most

Most enterprise advertisers have one or more Google Ads market categories that are particularly vital. Maybe it’s your revenue sweet spot or a segment where you need to protect high-value brand terms. 

Whether it’s credit cards or electric SUVs, Adthena’s Industry Market View lets you focus on specific high-priority market categories to grow your paid search ROI.

Dive deeper

Protect and grow your market share

Industry Market View gives you search intelligence at a search term category level, so you can monitor a precise market landscape. You’ll get the granular and relevant data you need to quickly adapt your PPC campaigns in response to specific opportunities, threats, trends or competitor tactics. 

You’ll be able to better protect your branded searches, capture new search term opportunities and capture market share.

Own any market

No search intelligence solution offers better segmenting, depth or relevance:

Maximize ROAS in the markets that matter most.

Patrol your territory at a term-category level.

Capture more opportunities to grow market share

Protect your most important brand searches.

Market-specific intelligence

How does it work?

First, a search term landscape of over 1B terms is generated through an exhaustive approach. Next, Industry Market View uses advanced AI to map 200M search terms to your specific industry vertical. 

You can then analyze those generic and brand search terms by subcategory and identify relationships among sets of terms. You can view key metrics including impressions, share of spend, and CPC for each term and analyze industry terms based on advertiser, competitor, time of day, device, ad copy and more

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