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Share of Search

Your new guiding light for brand share

Brands that are top of customers’ minds are most likely to be searched for on Google. Do you know what share of search queries in your category you own?

Find out how big your brand’s slice of the market is with Adthena’s Share of Search.

What is Share of Search?

Adthena’s Share of Search is calculated by dividing the volume of searches for your brand by the volume of searches for all brands in your category.

With 91,000 Google searches every second, search delivers traffic with the highest level of intent out there. By measuring your Share of Search (not just clicks) you’ll also arm yourself with a predictive metric for brand share.  

Find out how much brand interest you’re generating through media spend, or how much momentum you have compared to your peers. 

Measure your brand's Share of Search

No other search intelligence solution offers better accuracy, granularity or relevancy to measure your brand's Share of Search

Measure intent

See how interest is impacted after launching a new campaign or product.

Analyze spend

Optimize spend on your brand and maximize your return on investment.

Protect your brand

Get alerted when your brand is under attack from rivals in your category.

Maximize performance

Understand if and when your brand is underperforming in specific locations.

Your new brand metric

Adthena’s market-leading platform is the only place to access a specific and accurate Share of Search metric. Our unique Whole Market View technology is segmented by category, region and time, allowing you to capture and leverage Share of Search at scale and across multiple locations:


  • Accurately predict share of market
  • Validate increased media spend and the positive impact on market share
  • Understand brand interest vs. the competition.
  • Understand brand momentum vs. the competition
  • Predict revenue in relation to fluctuating brand demand
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