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How to Look Beyond Google for the Search Intelligence You Need


Do you think Google Ads, Auction Insights and Keyword Planner provide everything you need for paid search success? If you do, think again. Google is actually becoming a black box, shifting its PPC tools to smart bids, smart creatives and smart campaigns. The result is that more and more advertisers are in the dark about bid efficiency, keywords and what competitors are doing.

To gain the upper hand in today’s PPC market, you need to look beyond Google’s product suite.

Join our paid search experts to hear how you can supplement Google’s existing PPC tools with the competitive intelligence you need to better understand the search landscape. You’ll hear how to use AI and automation to provide the visibility you need to optimize your paid search campaigns and improve results.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Save time using AI to do your campaign heavy lifting
  • More closely monitor competitors’ movements and market trends
  • Improve your average CPCs, share of spend, average position and search term opportunity
  • Benefit from other search marketers who have gone outside the Google black box to win

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About the speaker

Tim Bouhour
Head of Product

Tim is a Product Leader and Computer Engineer who loves to create new disruptive solutions or transform existing portfolios. At Adthena, he leads the Product Management and Product Design disciplines in developing an artificial intelligence platform to revolutionize search marketing through unrivaled competitive clarity.