White Paper: Brand Infrigement


Find out how to protect your brand online!

→ PPC Brand Infringement and the Law

→ Case study data from Retail and Finance

→ How to take back the SERP

Although in many respects, brands are intangible, at the same time, a strong brand provides very tangible success for your company. Brands are, as the saying goes, a company’s most important asset and, like any asset, they can be devalued or stolen. This is doubly problematic for a business because their brand – which, as Bezos observes, is the product of doing hard things – is intangible. And it’s very hard to protect something intangible, let alone get it back.

This white paper will set the stage for what PPC brand infringement means for practically any company, and will show you how to deal with it from the start.



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