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The Adthena Partner Program

Fuel growth and new opportunities for your customers

Partner with Adthena to fuel growth and new opportunities for your customers with our market-leading search intelligence.

Through a unique combination of patented, AI-driven technology, and a supportive team of experts, we help customers dominate their competitive landscapes.

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A match made in heaven. How could your business benefit?

We partner with Technology leaders, embedding market-leading search data into their applications to offer new solutions to customers. Where we have complimentary solutions with a platform, we form a referral partnership. And we partner with digital agencies and systems integrators, service providers, and implementation partners.

Grow your business Launch new, market leading solutions and grow with your customers
Reach new customers Reach new customers with expanded services and stand out from the crowd
Earn new revenue Receive a referral fee for customers you recommend to Adthena
Unparalleled support Get access to exclusive partner resources and toolkits

Adthena & Kantar

Comprehensive insights across digital and traditional media

Together, Adthena and Kantar set a new standard in cross-media advertising intelligence, allowing users to easily track brands’ search advertising activities — including spend, performance, creative and more — and integrate them with broader insights into a wide range of traditional and digital advertising.

Adthena & Conductor

Paid & organic search intel for enterprise marketing teams

Conductor, the leading enterprise organic marketing technology, and Adthena, the leading paid search intelligence platform – together offer holistic search marketing intelligence solutions for enterprise brands. 

Together we enable brands to make smarter investment decisions, unlock cross-channel efficiencies, and maximize ROI with a complete view of their digital landscape.

Partner with Adthena to see the entire search landscape

Digital Agencies

Whether you need to protect a client’s brand from click-stealing competitors, improve their results with ad copy, or you need a consolidated view of performance – Adthena can do it all and help you get better results for your clients.

Our AI-driven technology alongside our team of paid search experts gives you visibility into the entire search landscape, so you can set your strategy for success.

Whole Market View

Adthena's market-leading technology

Using our award-winning technology, we automatically gather information from a customer’s website, their competitors’ websites, and all the search engines. Our AI then creates a custom map of only the most-relevant keywords for that business.

Once a customer’s unique Whole Market View has been created, it will actively gather intelligence on new market movements and relevant keywords – every single day. So they can dominate their competitive landscape by making the right strategic decisions. All with 100% confidence.

Conductor continues our commitment that customers never compromise when it comes to access to the best possible data, insights, and technology. With Adthena and Conductor together, marketers get a truly comprehensive picture of their search landscape across both organic and paid channels.

Tom Martin, CRO, Conductor

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