Local View

The future of location-based paid search is here

Your consumers are searching for what they want, where they are, right now. So your location-specific ads need to be there too.

We’ll show you what your audiences are searching for by location. The multi-award-winning Local View will tell you which ad copy performs best and who you’re really competing with.

Uncover local audiences

Local search success, everywhere

Local View shows you what audiences search for by state, city or DMA. See what ad copy performs best, who your competition is and the strategies they’re employing.

Prepare to understand local customer intent, identify opportunities, and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI in any market, anywhere in the world.


Investment Intel

Get immediate intelligence on investments

With Investment Intel, you can view essential search metrics across all your locations in one place. This unique feature shows spend efficiency by location and search term group in addition to estimated market size and share of clicks, spend, and impressions.

Monitor and optimize your search spend across multiple locations to improve overall ROI.

Vital intelligence

Your rivals might not be who you think

Opportunistic rivals and resellers could be bidding on your brand in places they think you won’t find. Local View enables you to understand market shifts and competitor moves by location so you can stay ahead of competitors, maximize ROI and acquire more customers at a local level.

You’ll also be able to identify where your partners and affiliates perform best, to ensure there’s no overlap, cannibalization, or brand infringement.

Your market, your locations

We’ll identify your most effective search terms by location, all you need to do is tell us where.

Get to the heart of cultural, language & needs-driven user intent by location.
Understand the search landscape of your target cities, countries, regions or DMAs.
Get automated alerts to threats & opportunities in your local markets.
Get the most from your Local View with access to our experts and solution services.

Geo-location targeting

How does Local View work?

Our market-leading AI technology gives you a comprehensive Local View of the data that matters most to your business:

  • You specify the locations in which you want to understand trends and competitor moves.
  • For each location, we generate a custom Whole Market View defined by your search presence and advertising activity.
  • For custom locations made of multiple cities, we collect data across the cities and give you a single view of the essentials by that custom location.

Local action, global impact

Spanning 24 countries and 15 languages, Local View is your on-the-ground guide to daily opportunities within your search ecosystem. 

  • Understand search intent across cities, continents or countries.
  • Discover distinct search term patterns and competitor strategies.
  • Analyze competitor ad copy, search terms and click share.
  • Capitalize on existing opportunities and identify new ones, driving greater ROI


It’s important that our clients understand the rationale and strategy behind anything we do or recommend. With Adthena, it’s easy to show the Origin Energy team why we propose certain campaign decisions or to shape the business case for location-specific budget adjustments.

Taylor Suen, Performance Director, Atomic 212

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Local View is a multi-award-winning location-based search intelligence tool that helps you understand local customer intent, optimize your campaigns, and dominate your market.

  • Local View leverages market-leading AI technology to provide a comprehensive view of the data that matters most to your business:

    • You specify the locations you want to analyze (state, city, DMA, custom locations)
    • Local View generates a “Whole Market View” for each location, detailing search trends and competitor strategies.
    • You gain insights into audience search queries, top-performing ad copy, and competitor activity.