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Let Adthena protect your brand and digital investments

Digital brand and trademark infringements can be costly – driving up CPAs, diluting brand equity, and disrupting digital consumer journeys. With so much to monitor, the scope and scale of managing brand infringements can be a huge problem.

Adthena Brand Protection is for businesses seeking enterprise level brand monitoring and data analysis, on a scale that is unmatched in the industry.

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Only Adthena provides complete coverage with the Whole Market View™

Adthena employs machine learning to continually monitor your entire market for infringements that threaten brand value and ROI. With Adthena’s unrivaled scope, scale, and AI-powered intelligence, nothing slips through the cracks:

  • Get unmatched coverage from our Whole Market View™
  • Capture both bidding and ad copy infringements
  • Quickly spot and act on trademark violations
  • Identify infringement trends and patterns
  • Stop inflation of CPAs and CPCs from competitive bidding
  • Maintain a strong digital brand presence and undisrupted consumer journey
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Halving brand CPCs for Swinton Insurance

“Being in a very competitive marketplace, it’s vitally important that we have the capability to monitor brand activity. It’s great for us to have the ability to monitor
 our trademark terms
– it allows us to act
on infringements. The CPCs were extremely high on brand terms
and by introducing the infringement report, it’s halved the CPC.”

Simon Wild Digital Marketing Manager, Swinton Insurance
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End-to-end, worry-free brand protection

  1. Zero set up time required: patented machine learning technology maps your search landscape quickly and easily
  2. Triage brand threats by device, date, product group, and category using AI, so you can focus on priority infringements
  3. Customize rules, alerting, and reports
  4. Monitor search terms and ad copy across competitors and affiliates
  5. Resolve issues quickly thanks to clear reports and time-stamped screenshots of every infringement
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Proof positive

Every infringement is time-stamped and recorded for evidence so you can take action quickly, back up takedown requests, negotiate agreements, or export for enforcement.

Let us manage Adwords trademark infringements by monitoring millions of keywords globally and delivering easy-to-export reports.

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Easily monitor partner ads for quick resolution

For your own partner and affiliate networks, Adthena’s Partner Management enables you to maintain proper brand standards and prevent cannibalization within your partner network. Custom alerts notify you when affiliates bid on your keywords, so you can resolve conflicts efficiently.

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Need to protect your brand in your own partner networks?