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Brand Protection

Guard your most valuable asset

You’ve worked hard to build your brand up to be a powerful conversion driver. We’ll help you keep it that way, guarding against invading competitors, and maximizing ROI.

Join our customer base in seeing 20% lower CPCs with Brand Protection.

Always-on protection for your brand investments

Those sneaky rivals never sleep when it comes to figuring out ways to swipe your brand clicks. Luckily, our Brand Protection solution never switches off either.

Make informed budget decisions on your brand terms

Proactively monitor your entire digital brand landscape

Prevent partners and affiliates from cannibalizing your brand

Catch infringements and protect your brand value

Fend off infringements

Cover your assets

You’ve risen to the top of the search rankings. But if your trademarks and brand equity aren’t protected in search, rivals could be stealing valuable clicks from you, diminishing your ROAS and threatening future budgets.

So, when the clicks are down, take back control with our AI-driven platform.

We’ve got your back

Stay protected and nurture your brand investments

Get automatic alerts to brand damage with Smart Monitor

Analyze market trends & market share with deep brand intel

Optimize ad copy and discover new opportunities

Discover new insights with AI-driven segmentation

We were able to save money on our CPCs without investing a single penny more. Eurostar can generate extra revenue through simple efficiencies on keywords and reinvest savings into other areas.

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Are you losing over 20% of your brand clickshare?

In this 60 second video, discover the top three threats to your brand in paid search that could mean you’re losing over 1/5 of your clickshare to rivals.

Need to take back control of your brand?

Download our Brand Crashers guide

Do you need to evict the rival brands encroaching on your clickshare? In this guide, find out how to get rid of brand crashers, and what to do next, in six easy steps.

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