Brand Protection

Protect your PPC brand terms with Adthena’s Brand Protection solution

When your brand is unprotected in paid search, it’s left wide open to competitors stealing valuable clicks or affiliates hijacking your ads and compromising brand integrity.

Take a 3min tour of Adthena’s award-winning Brand Protection solution and see how you could safeguard your brand.

What is brand protection?

Complete guide to PPC brand protection

PPC brand protection is an essential part of paid search as it helps safeguard your brand from competitors, affiliates, and resellers capitalizing on your brand’s equity, potentially damaging its reputation and driving up costs.

Delve into its intricacies, determining why you need it, and the strategies to fight ad hijacking, combat trademark infringement, and dominate search results.

Uncover wasted budget

Guard your most valuable asset

You’ve worked hard to build up your brand.

We’ll help you protect that equity in paid search by monitoring all trademark infringements and automatically taking them down. Safeguard your brand search ads from competitive hijacking with our unique and robust Brand Protection solution.

Cover your assets

Catch 10x more infringements

You’ve risen to the top of the search rankings. But if your trademarks and brand equity aren’t protected in search, competitors could be stealing valuable clicks from you.

Adthena’s Brand Protection solution lets you continually map and monitor all competitive and partner activity around your brand terms, meaning you can efficiently respond to trademark infringements. 

Get hands-on and see how the Infringement Tracker works in our self-guided demo.

New feature: Ad Hijacking Detection

Ad Hijacking Detection. Now part of Brand Protection

Monitor and report thousands of instances of affiliate ad hijacks across hundreds of affiliate networks. Automatically detect when an affiliate impersonates your ad and get evidence of fraud including ad screenshot and affiliate ID.

Lower your brand CPCs and stop paying commission dollars on low or no-value affiliate ad hijackers

Auto Takedown

Protect your trademark

Auto Takedown shows you how competitors are using your trademark on Google without your permission, so you can take action and protect your most valuable asset.

Adthena monitors search terms hourly and focuses on your core trademark, identifying where it appears in rivals’ ads. Our market-leading tech then captures all details required to investigate and, with the push of a button, the infringement can be sent to Google for removal. Viola! 

One customer removed 6,000 infringements in less than 6 months resulting in a 47% decrease in CPCs.

The leading Brand Protection solution on the market

Your competitors never sleep when it comes to swiping your brand clicks. Luckily, our Brand Protection solution doesn’t sleep either. We’ve got you covered.

Whole Market View Make Decisions and boost ROI
Smart Monitor Get automatic alerts to brand threats
Auto Takedown Protect trademarks, save time & effort
Ad Hijacking Keep those pesky hijackers away

Adthena’s AI-powered platform sends us detailed reports and has helped save our clients a lot of time and money. We thank Adthena’s efforts to help us and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Vinay Ranganath, Head of Paid Search (PPC), Global Interactive Marketing Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Paid search brand protection is the safeguarding of your online presence and reputation in search engine results. When effective brand protection is in place, you can:

    • Identify when competitors, affiliates and partners are bidding aggressively on your brand terms.
    • Monitor affiliates and partners to ensure they are using the correct messaging within their ads.
    • Prevent partners and affiliates from cannibalizing clicks.
    • Spot infringements and protect your brand value.
    • Capture evidence of trademark infringements to submit to Google.

    Learn more in the Complete guide to PPC brand protection

  • Ad hijacking (also referred to as brand poaching, direct linking, or URL jacking) occurs when an affiliate attempts to imitate a brand by running ads that closely resemble the brand’s own ads. Learn more about ad hijacking and how to protect your brand integrity.

  • Ad Hijacking Detection is an add-on feature of Adthena’s fleet of Brand Protection solutions that helps detect illegitimate advertisements and identify the affiliate and imposter networks that are fraudulently earning commissions and clicks from your brand.

  • Trademark infringement in paid search happens when a competitor or another advertiser uses your legally protected trademarks in a way that’s likely to confuse customers about the source of a product or service. Learn more about trademark infringement and how to protect your brand in paid search. 

  • Adthena’s Infringement Tracker lets you continually map and monitor all competitive and partner activity around your brand terms by the hour, so you can efficiently stop trademark infringements in their tracks.

  • Auto Takedown is an add-on feature of Adthena’s fleet of Brand Protection solutions that allow customers to identify competitors who are using a registered trademark without permission and report those examples directly to Google for removal with the push of a button inside the app.

    Auto Takedown saves time and effort by generating a brand new report that is filtered on the unique rules needed to identify a trademark violation found on Google. The Adthena system monitors the hourly terms in the account and focuses on the core trademark to identify if it appears within the title or description of an ad. Once identified, the Adthena system will record all relevant details Google requires to investigate the use of the trademark and Adthena will submit those details directly to Google on your behalf.