Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Stop brand infringements and preserve ROI with always-on monitoring

Map and monitor bids and infringements on your branded search terms to protect your ROI—with our Brand Protection solution.

Protect what you own

Your brand is a valuable search asset and a powerful conversion driver. When competitors use your branded terms or trademarks to steal clicks, it costs you. Even your own partners can diminish your ROI by competing for your terms.

Our Brand Protection solution gives you a complete, AI-powered map of all brand bids and infringements in your competitive universe—plus the tools to take action.

Pocket more of your brand’s value

Proactively address infringements to preserve your brand equity

Preserve a clear customer journey to your conversion point

Prevent partners and affiliates from cannibalizing your brand value and driving up costs

“Protecting our brand is fundamental to our business, and Adthena has been instrumental in supporting that. It’s been a massive financial success, driving new business and significantly increasing our core revenue…”

Hannah Ferguson, Head of Digital, Neilson Financial Services

AI-driven vigilance to protect your brand equity

Brand Market View technology provides an AI-powered map of brand activity across your entire search landscape

Hourly brand monitoring prevents lost conversions by continually tracking competitive activity on your branded terms

Evidence recording lets you easily capture proof of violations and enforce partner search engine results page rules

Award-winning customer service professionals provide strategic guidance at every step of your journey

Brand Protection is just the beginning

Learn about our full suite of solutions to maximize return on ad spend and connect with consumers like never before.


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