We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to Ask Arlo, now your very own cutting-edge AI data analyst within the Adthena platform.

Have you ever felt like your marketing data is brimming with potential insights, but feel lost on how to extract them? Drowning in reports and struggling to find the answers you need can leave you feeling behind the curve. Ask Arlo is here to revolutionize the way you interact with your data, helping you get search trends specific to your industry, and actionable insights not available elsewhere.

Version 1.0 of the chatbot was first introduced in 2023, when users could ask for help navigating the Adthena platform. Today’s 2.0 update to Ask Arlo leverages real-time GenAI to answer customers’ questions about their own search data and receive instant, tailored responses and reports directly within the Adthena platform.

With millions of Google SERPs indexed every day, Arlo never misses a trick and makes sure you’re always up to date.

Ask Arlo: your conversational data mastermind

Imagine having a dedicated data analyst by your side, ready to answer any question you have about your market landscape. That’s the magic of Ask Arlo. Forget about wrestling with overwhelming data reports. With Ask Arlo, you can simply ask questions in plain English, just like you’d chat with a colleague.

Ask your question, and input your desired account and Search Term Group. It’s as simple as that!

For example, as a marketing retailer, you may want to see how your competitors’ performance compared to yours during one of the most competitive weeks of the year; Black Friday.

You can even get a little creative and have some fun with our feathery friend. The possibilities are endless. Want to Ask Arlo to create a 4-slide summary of your market share performance for a presentation? Or what your competitors are writing in their top ad copy? Want to see insights across all your locations? 

Arlo can do all that for you. 

What are the benefits?

Ask Arlo fuels your marketing efforts in the following ways:

  • Effortless exploration: Ask Arlo anything about your marketing performance using simple, natural language. 
  • Instant insights: Gone are the days of waiting for reports to generate or spending countless hours in endless spreadsheets. Ask Arlo gets you the information you need, instantly.
  • Crystal-clear clarity: Ask Arlo doesn’t just answer your questions, but provides clear, actionable insights tailored to your specific marketing goals.
  • Data visualization: Need a visual representation to solidify your understanding? Ask Arlo, and get easy-to-understand charts and graphs to visualize your campaigns.
  • Time saver: Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth chats with customer support to help you interpret your data. Ask Arlo directly, and get the answers you need to keep your campaigns relevant.

Benefits for every marketer

Ask Arlo is designed to empower marketers of all levels, whether you’re a PPC manager or a CMO. Here’s a glimpse into how Arlo can transform your workflow:

  • The Paid Search Analyst: Spend less time wrestling with data and more time on strategic optimizations. Ask Arlo to identify trends, uncover competitor insights, and eliminate human error from your analysis.
  • PPC Marketing Manager: Get a quick and comprehensive overview of your marketing performance. Ask Arlo for summaries to inform strategic planning and impress your superiors.
  • CMO: Stay ahead of the curve and showcase your agency’s cutting-edge approach. Ask Arlo to uncover industry-specific search trends and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

Arlo’s legacy

Arlo the owl has deep roots in Adthena’s brand history. Adthena takes its name from the Greek goddess of wisdom (Athena), who had a wise little owl as a sidekick. Adthena’s Arlo is your trusty AI assistant full of wisdom and knowledge to help you better understand the complex world of search intelligence. Watch Arlo’s origin story in 60 seconds.

The Adthena advantage: unmatched data, unparalleled insights

No other platform boasts the rich and comprehensive data set that Adthena possesses. This gives Ask Arlo an unmatched understanding of your marketing landscape, allowing him to deliver insights unavailable elsewhere. All within the Adthena platform.

Got a question? Ask Arlo today!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets your data holds and transform your marketing game? Ask Arlo is here to guide you. 

Take an interactive tour of Ask Arlo or get in touch with a search consultant today.