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Brand Activator

Get back up to one in five dollars on brand search

That’s how much Adthena customers can save with Brand Activator. By curtailing spend on clicks you’re winning organically with no other bidders, you’ll cut paid search costs by up to 20%. 

In fact, our first 25 customers are forecast to save $1.8m collectively in the first year. Will you pocket the savings or reinvest for growth?

What's a Lone Ranger?

Stop needlessly wasting budget

If your brand is #1 for a term in both paid and organic rankings, and no other brands are advertising on that term, why pay for those clicks?

It’s called a “Lone Ranger” scenario, and Brand Activator is the solution. 

Enterprise brands with large paid search investments can potentially save millions each year, even in volatile markets.

Lower search costs up to 20% in just 40 days

67% of brands start saving immediately with Brand Activator

Stop wasted spending immediately
Set it and forget it automation
Conserve budget or reinvest for growth
Take control of PPC performance
Automated around the clock

How does it work?

  1. Around-the-clock monitoring. Adthena indexes up to hourly to identify Lone Rangers within your target brand terms.
  2. Automatic deactivation. Lone Ranger terms are automatically added to your negative keyword list.
  3. Automatic reactivation. Terms are automatically reactivated if a competitor re-enters the auction.
  4. Monthly reporting. Adthena provides analytics so you can track your savings and reinvest in higher-performing terms. 

Save or reinvest? It’s up to you

Brand Activator continually monitors for and pauses spending on Lone Ranger terms.

If a competitor reappears later, Brand Activator automatically detects the activity and reactivates your bidding. 

You don’t have to do a thing except decide what to do with the savings. Some customers use Brand Activator to reduce their costs. Others, such as digital agencies, reinvest the savings to expand digital marketing channels for their clients.

Adthena helped us identify real spend efficiencies. Through their Lone Rangers, we’re able to stop spending on brand terms and reinvest that budget to areas that are more conducive to acquiring new customers.

Alison Yarrow, Digital and Media Manager, Avanti West Coast