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Brand Activator: Save Google Ads costs and boost ROI today

Stop wasting money on Google Ads and reclaim your brand dominance. Automatically pausing unnecessary brand bidding with Brand Activator is saving customers $15k monthly each on average, with some enterprise brands saving into the millions – while ensuring they never miss a click.

Will you pocket the savings or reinvest for growth?

What's a Lone Ranger?

Stop needlessly wasting budget

Brand Activator is ingeniously simple. It automatically pauses Google Ads bidding on brand terms a company is already winning organically and where no other competitors are bidding.

Paying for these “Lone Ranger” terms unnecessarily wastes marketers’ search budgets to the tune of thousands, and even millions in some cases, per year.

Switch on Brand Activator on your top Google Ads brand terms now to start saving.

Automated around the clock

How does it work?

  1. Around-the-clock monitoring. Adthena continuously indexes your targeted brand terms to identify Lone Rangers
  2. Automatic deactivation. Lone Ranger terms are automatically added to your negative keyword list. 
  3. Automatic reactivation. Terms are automatically reactivated if a competitor re-enters the auction. 
  4. Monthly reporting. You’ll get analytics to see how much you saved on your brand terms, and paid vs organic clicks.

Brand Activator uses AI and machine learning models for optimal performance

Award-winning search intelligence that ensures you only pay for relevant clicks, maximizing your Google Ads budget. Plus, you'll save enough to pay for your entire Adthena subscription, it's a no-brainer.

Real-time Search Monitoring Analyzes search results pages every 10 minutes (faster for high-volume terms) using machine learning to identify "Lone Ranger" scenarios.
Predictive AI Advanced models predict likelihood of such scenarios within a 2-minute window, allowing for proactive pausing of unnecessary bids.
Natural Language Processing Analyzes the entire search results page, recognizing competitors and applying changes to the Google Ads script automatically.
12+ years of Search Data Adthena's AI models benefit from over 12 years of accumulated search data, leading to superior pattern recognition and insights.

How much could you save?

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Global award wins for Brand Activator

US Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best Search Software Tool

UK Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best PPC Management Software Suite

Global Search Awards - Winner 2023

Brand Activator - Best Software Innovation

APAC Search Awards - Winner 2024

Brand Activator - Best Global Search Software Tool


Adthena’s Brand Activator has allowed us to feel a lot more confident in the incrementality of our branded search results. We know when we are spending on the keywords it is needed to avoid competitors picking up our traffic.

Rhonda Albaneze, Digital Marketing Director, UNTUCKit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Brand Activator resolves a longstanding source of inefficient spending in paid search advertising by automatically pausing bidding on search terms when a brand is winning organically and when no other competitors are bidding. We call these Lone Rangers.

  • A Lone Ranger term is a keyword for which a brand currently has no rival bidders in the paid search auction and the brand appears in the #1 organic position on the search engine results page. Because the brand is winning the keyword organically and has no competitors in PPC, there’s no reason to pay for those clicks. 

  • Brand Activator automatically switches off and reactivates a brand’s bidding as rivals exit and re-enter the auction on a customer’s brand terms.

  • Lone Rangers can be extremely costly for brands, and identifying and addressing them manually is virtually impossible without automation, especially for enterprise brands with a large number of brand keywords in play.

    Brand Activator is reducing total paid search costs for its users by $15k monthly each on average, simply by eliminating this wasted spend. Some enterprise brands are saving into the millions.

  • Ideally, keywords should be an exact match. Brand Activator can also support broad match/phrase match.

  • Search terms that have a monthly search volume of more than 3000 searches per month will have their scraping frequency adjusted automatically, between 1 and the 5 scrapes per hour per device.