PPC Market Trends

Reveal hidden threats and opportunities in your paid search landscape

Market Trends empowers you to dominate paid search by providing insights into competitor activity, market seasonality, and average CPCs. 

See how your market share, spend, impressions, and position compare to the competition, and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize your campaigns for peak performance.

Google Auction Insights limitations

Stop blind bidding with accurate paid search performance insight

Relying solely on Auction Insights to monitor performance creates significant blind spots. You miss crucial data impacting your Click-Through Rate without constant manual monitoring of the Search Engine Results Page.

Adthena's Market Trends showing share of clicks for top finance brands

Gain unprecedented visibility and dominate with Adthena's Market Trends

Adthena's Market Trends empowers search marketers with a holistic view of the competitive landscape. See trends affecting your performance, with:

Insight beyond Auction Insights See beyond Google’s Auction Insights by revealing competitor activity, spend, and key metrics that drive their market positioning.
Competitor analysis Uncover full market share and share of spend for all competitors.
Market trends & seasonality Identify seasonal fluctuations and adapt your strategy accordingly.
Performance metrics in context Understand what drives market share for each competitor across paid text ads, organic and PLA, on both mobile and desktop.

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See Market Trends in action

Using our unique AI-driven search intelligence, Market Trends shows how your top 10 competitors have trended (or behaved) over time, allowing you to easily see what is changing across the different areas you compete in. 


Vodafone increase click share and sales during key product launch

Adthena is an absolute necessity for our search team. Leaning on Adthena, we were able to track click share data accurately and timely during the launch to quickly seize opportunities when competitors were slow to respond.

Daniel Foot, Paid Search Specialist, Vodafone

Is Adthena right for your brand?

Adthena’s paid search intelligence is a perfect fit for enterprise brands and agencies with a Google Ads spend of over 40k per country, per month. Typically, our customers are experiencing a similar set of challenges. 

  • Reached a ceiling on how many conversions they can drive without sacrificing margin.
  • Wasting budget on ads for terms with top organic listings.
  • Struggling to contextualize performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Auction Insights only reveals data for competitors with a 10% or higher impression share. This means you’re missing crucial information about smaller competitors who might still be impacting your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

  • Adthena’s Market Dashboard provides a holistic view of the competitive landscape. It offers comprehensive competitor analysis, including full market share and share of spend. You’ll also gain insights into market trends and seasonality, allowing you to adapt your strategy accordingly. Finally, performance metrics are presented in context, helping you understand what drives market share for each competitor.

  • 10 competitors are shown in the trend chart.

  • If you have not added any competitor filters and there are more than 10 competitors appearing on the selected search terms then the chart will contain you plus the top 9 competitors.