Performance Max

Unlock the Black Box

Add visibility and control into your Google Performance Max campaigns

Adthena illuminates the blind spots of Performance Max, providing the transparency you need to execute with precision.

Take a 2min tour of Adthena’s award winning search intelligence platform and see how to unlock the black box in just a few clicks.

Control where your ads appear

Curate your negative keyword list

Use search term reporting in Adthena to reveal the terms you’re appearing on in your Performance Max campaigns. Identify terms that don’t support your strategy or that cannibalise your other accounts, then add them to your negative keyword list.

Improve performance

Track, monitor and enhance your copy assets

Discover and test ad copy variants that perform well for competitors and best in your markets. Easily scan and monitor rival offers and ad performance. 

Channel and search term visibility

Close search term and channel gaps

Identify the search terms you’re missing in your Performance Max campaigns and which terms your competitors are appearing for that you are not. Add them to your non-Performance Max campaigns to ensure full coverage and optimal performance.


Capture audience signals

Create custom segments in Performance Max

Reveal relevant terms and competitors in a category where you don’t have existing insights. These insights can inform targeting settings in Performance Max with signals you think will convert well.


Google Shopping

Clear insights into competitor product positioning

The majority of Google Shopping campaigns have now been migrated to Performance Max. Using Adthena’s search intelligence you can gain a clear view of your competitive landscape, including insights into how your competitors are positioning their products in regard to pricing, descriptions, and product themes.

Google Shopping

Lack of visibility and insights at the channel level was a huge pain point. We weren’t able to see where budget was being spent. Adthena gives you that extra view into what’s going on within the campaigns.

Helen Dooner, Digital Marketing Leads, Journey Further

3 min self-guided tour

Bring your Performance Max campaigns into the light

Push the Performance Max limits with Adthena. Take a 3 minute self-guided tour of our award winning search intelligence platform.