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Smart Monitor

Get granular, get notified, get ahead

If there’s an opportunity or threat in your market, you need to know about it so you can protect your position and maximize ROI, fast. Only Smart Monitor automatically tracks your competitive search landscape and alerts you immediately to key market changes.

Take control

Consider Smart Monitor your insurance policy for search

Armed with the intel that enables you to react quickly to market movements, you can adapt your tactics to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Smart Monitor is transforming the way in which Paid Search teams work every day.

Transform your paid search performance

There’s a time and a place for manual work, but combing your competitive digital landscape isn’t it. Let automation do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on delivering on your strategy.

Get alerted to market shifts & protect your performance.

Seize new opportunities and boost campaign ROI

Save valuable time and resources with AI on your side

Justify strategic decisions with clear data visualization

Smart Monitor allows me to make informed decisions on whether or not we need to defend our position and change our bidding strategy. I can easily identify threatening competitor movements or new competitors entering my search term groups.

Picture representing the author of the quoteJanet Ranola Paid Media Manager - Search and Programmatic, Koala
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