Smart Monitor

Track your competitive paid search landscape and get alerts to key market changes

If there’s an opportunity or threat in your market, you need to know straight away so you can protect your position and maximize ROI. Smart Monitor automatically tracks your competitive search landscape and alerts you to key market changes, so you can take action.

Take control

Your insurance policy for search

Having timely intel enables you to react to market movements as they happen, so you can adapt your tactics quickly and stay one-step-ahead of your competitors. Smart Monitor will transform the way in which your Paid Search teams work.

New feature

Leverage GenAI for an instant summary of all your market movements

Cut through the clutter and get a quick understanding of what’s happening in your market. Stop wasting time deciphering data and let Adthena AI do the work.

Market Movements will help you identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns and capitalize on market shifts for better results.


Leverage GenAI for an instant summary of all your market movements with Adthena

Transform your paid search performance

There’s a time and place for manual work, but monitoring your competitive landscape isn’t it. Let automation do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on leveraging strategic insights and dominating your competitive landscape.

Seize new opportunities & reduce your search campaign costs.
Get alerts to market shifts & protect your performance.
Save valuable time & resources with AI on your side.
Justify strategic decisions with confidence & clear data visualization.

Smart Monitor allows me to make informed decisions on whether or not we need to defend our position and change our bidding strategy. I can easily identify threatening competitor movements or new competitors entering my search term groups.

Janet Ranola Paid Media Manager - Search and Programmatic, Koala

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Adthena Smart Monitor automatically monitors your search term groups and proactively alerts you of key competitor movements across your Whole Market View.

    Powered by the industry’s most advanced AI-driven and machine learning algorithm, Smart Monitor identifies shifts across your market caused by competitor movements as they appear, eliminating the need to manually investigate the root cause. This enables you to take informed actions that positively influence your campaign performance, whilst also saving you valuable time and resources

    • Stay ahead of the competition: Get real-time insights into competitor activity so you can adapt your strategies and maintain a competitive edge.
    • Maximize ROI: Identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns and capitalize on market shifts for better results.
    • Save time and resources: Automate the monitoring process, freeing up your team to focus on analysis and strategy.
    • Make data-driven decisions: Get clear data visualizations to justify your strategic decisions with confidence.
  • GenAI analyzes the data collected by Smart Monitor and provides you with an instant summary of key market movements. This eliminates the need to sift through complex data reports, saving you valuable time.

  • Smart Monitor is ideal for paid search teams and agencies who want to be alerted when a competitor increases spend or drops out of the market. Google doesn’t alert them of this, so they risk overpaying for traffic or being excluded from the auction.