Whole Market View

Unlock PPC competitor analysis and insights with Adthena’s award-winning AI technology

Paid Search drives lucrative web traffic for your business. But it’s a highly-competitive blind auction. We can show you what’s happening throughout your market landscape with strategic insights from the search engines – by building you a personalized Whole Market View.

Get ready for a deep dive

How does Whole Market View work?

Using our award-winning technology, we automatically gather information from your website, your competitors’ websites, and all the search engines. Our AI then creates a custom map of only the most-relevant keywords for your business.

Once your unique Whole Market View has been created, it will actively gather intelligence on new market movements and relevant keywords – every single day. So you can dominate your competitive landscape by making the right strategic decisions. All with 100% confidence.

And all while saving you time and money along the way too.

Award-winning tech

Shine some light on your competitive landscape

Imagine what you could do with a map of your entire search market, complete with lucrative search terms, competitor sizing, and predictive ad groups. Powered by machine learning, Adthena’s Whole Market View gives you full transparency of your entire paid search landscape.

Try it for yourself – the view from up here is beautiful.

For your peace of mind

We’ve got the data covered.

You can rest easy on the data side, because our data comes directly from search engines and we don’t rely on third-party providers or cookies. We don’t ever collect or process any personally identifiable information (PII). We don’t rely on panels. And we don’t utilize data from our customers. All of this adds up to complete peace of mind for you.

A map of your unique search landscape

Your Whole Market View is a machine-learned map of only your search advertising activity. Nothing is off-the-shelf here. Everything is custom built from the ground up, by us, for you.

Track your paid search universe every day
Leverage unique opportunities in your vertical
Automatically detect market threats & infringements
Stay ahead of every competitive move at all times

Adthena helped us identify real spend efficiencies. Through their Lone Rangers, we’re able to stop spending on brand terms and reinvest that budget to areas that are more conducive to acquiring new customers.

Alison Yarrow, Digital and Media Manager, Avanti West Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Adthena equips you to identify PPC competitors through various tools:

    • Market Share Report: See who you’re competing against, their share of clicks, and estimated spend. Learn more about PPC Market Share
    • Head-to-Head Comparison: Analyze overlapping keywords with competitors.
    • Search Term Detail: Discover competitor presence and performance for specific keywords.
    • Top Ads Report: See competitor ad examples and messaging strategies.
    • Creative Insights: Get alerts on competitor ad copy changes and identify high-performing phrases. Learn more about Creative Insights.

    Combined with AI analysis and competitor landing page insights, Adthena gives you a complete picture of your PPC competition, allowing you to optimize your strategy for success.

  • Adthena tracks competitor content in PPC through:

    • Creative Insights: Get alerts on new competitor phrases, discover high-performing keywords, and optimize your ad copy. Learn more about Creative Insights.
    • Top Ads Report: Analyze competitor ad copy for messaging strategies, CTAs, and potential landing page experiences.
    • Search Term Detail: See which competitors appear for your keywords, along with search volume and CPC estimates.

    Combine this with analyzing competitor landing pages (external to Adthena) to understand their visuals, value propositions, and offers. This comprehensive approach empowers you to stay ahead in the PPC game.

  • Adthena can provide valuable insights to help you understand your competitors’ PPC spending habits:

    • Market Share Report: This report shows your competitor’s share of clicks and impressions. By analyzing trends over time, you can infer if a competitor is increasing or decreasing their PPC budget based on their click and impression share fluctuations. Learn more about PPC Market Share and PPC Market Trends.
    • Top Ads Report: Seeing your competitors consistently running ads for specific keywords suggests they might be investing heavily in those terms.